Kingdom Come: Deliverance falls to its lowest-ever price on Xbox and PC after the sequel reveal, so there's never been a better time to play the incredible medieval RPG

One of the best RPGs I've played from the last decade is Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD), a 2018 open world adventure through 15th Century Bohemia. Featuring a massive and beautifully detailed map, tons of opportunities for deep roleplaying, and tense combat that prominently features the era's arms, armor, and styles, it's an amazing game — and there's never been a better time to play it than right now, directly after the announcement of its ambitious sequel Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

That's because currently, KCD is on sale on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation with discounts so big the game's never been more affordable than it is now. This includes both the Royal Edition of the RPG that features all its DLC — it's only $7.99 at Steam and just $3.99 on Xbox — and the base game, which is going for $5.99 at Steam. Note that there are also additional deals on its expansions you should take advantage of if you own KCD, but not its add-ons, and also some on Xbox you can only access if you're a Game Pass subscriber.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance | $29.99$5.99 at Steam

Kingdom Come: Deliverance | $29.99 $5.99 at Steam

The base edition of KCD doesn't include the DLC, but don't worry — it alone will easily give you over 100 hours of RPG excellence to sink your teeth into. It features a beautiful, content-rich open world, great writing, and medieval combat mechanics directly inspired by the techniques of the era.

Also at: Xbox (discount w/ Game Pass)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition | $39.99 $3.99 at Xbox

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition | $39.99 $3.99 at Xbox

If you want to experience absolutely everything KCD has to offer, you'll want the Royal Edition that bundles all the DLC with the vanilla game. Each of KCD's expansions are individually short, but together they enrich the already amazing adventure quite a bit.

Also at: Steam

✅Perfect for: Lovers of authentic medieval combat, historical fiction, open world games, and a good challenge

❌Avoid if: You want something fast-paced, straightforward, linear, or on the easier side

🔍Our review: A quirky, gamified history lesson (in a good way)

KCD is a gem, and there's nothing else like it

At the end of the day, there's really nothing else out there quite like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which translates historically authentic swordplay, battle techniques, and interactions between arms and armor to video game mechanics in a way that no game has before. Its combat heavily emphasizes watching the movements of your opponents closely and changing your stance to defend against their attacks while trying to land your own, and as you improve, you'll eventually be able to weave maneuvers like feints and ripostes into your repertoire. The equipment you choose also has a significant impact; a sword will be effective against simple clothing or a linen gambeson, but you'll need something with more concussive force like an axe or a mace to effectively combat chainmail and plate. Different types of armor can also be worn in layers, providing more well-rounded protection at the expense of your maneuverability.

Combat is also influenced by various different skills you'll unlock as you level and perform actions in the world, which give you access to unique moves and allow you to specialize with certain weapons or attacks. These affect dialogue options and roleplaying too, which KCD has in spades; many of the choices you make during both moment-to-moment gameplay and quests have a major impact on what happens to different characters and locations, as well as how you're perceived and spoken to by others. The world itself — a huge 16 square-kilometer chunk of medieval landscape in what's now known as the Czech Republic — is stunning, with painstakingly recreated castles, cities, and towns, along with lush fields and dense forests.

Men-at-arms fighting in a battle during Kingdom Come: Deliverance's story. (Image credit: Warhorse Studios)

KCD puts you in the shoes of Henry, a young adult that gets caught up in the brutality of the 1402 civil war between the lords of Bohemia and Sigismund, the half-brother of King Wenceslaus IV, whom he kidnapped in order to usurp the crown. Sigismund's men attack Henry's mining village Skalitz at the start of Kingdom Come, which results in the slaughter of his parents; vowing to get revenge, he enters the service of a knight loyal to Wenceslaus named Sir Radzig Kobyla and begins to aid him and his allies. As you explore and progress the story, you'll meet a wide cast of characters, including his close friend (and potential love interest) Theresa and the pompous, but ultimately good-natured nobleman Sir Hans Capon.

Henry's journey is truly a grand one, with KCD featuring well over 100 hours of stellar content for players that wish to get the most out of what is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox games and best PC games. Its DLC expansions — of which there are four — make it even better by adding new activities and storylines.

Ultimately, Kingdom Come is a one-of-a-kind experience I can't recommend enough, and since its bigger, bolder sequel is scheduled to launch later in 2024, now is the time to jump into the first game if you haven't played it yet. Just make sure you pull the trigger on these excellent deals while you can, as they likely won't be around for long.

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