'Tilt 2' - aka the Touch Pro 2 - seen on leaked AT&T pre-launch sheet (and maybe the Snap)

When it comes to the HTC Touch Pro 2, the Verizon folks have been fed. The T-Mobile fans can taste it. And the Sprint survivors should see it any week now. But we've had nary a word from AT&T since we first saw that leaked render of the HTC Fortress.

Well, here's another pretty good sign that AT&T will follow up the Fuze with the Touch Pro 2, though it looks like it'll be going by another name. In this pre-launch lineup purloined by the Boy Genius Report, we clearly see two flavors of the HTC "Tilt 2" — one with camera, and one without.

So there you have it, folks. We had little doubt that AT&T would release the Touch Pro 2 — it's been a longtime fan of the HTC slider devices. BGR also believes that the HTC Pure mentioned here is the Snap, which is a good bet. Now let's get cracking on some release dates and price.

Phil Nickinson

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