Timeline Support Firefox add-on brings Windows Timeline to Mozilla's browser

Windows 10's Timeline feature lets you jump back to previous sessions of apps. It's a great way to jump back to a website or document you worked on before. Unfortunately, not many developers support it. Thankfully, developer Dominic Maas has made an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that adds Timeline support to the browser.

The add-on is free and available for Firefox on both desktop and mobile. There is also a version of Timeline Support for Google Chrome, though we did not test it for this review because it was available during the time of writing.

Download Timeline Support for Firefox

Time travel

The add-on does exactly what the title says: it brings Timeline support to Firefox. When you've browsed a webpage, you can then jump back to it by opening your task view button and scrolling down to your Timeline. Timeline shows a preview of the webpage, so you can easily identify any instance of browsing. You can select how many seconds you need to be on a page before it's added to your Timeline, which helps keep your Timeline clean when you quickly bounce between websites.

Timeline Support is also available on the mobile version of Firefox. I used it on my Galaxy S8+ and it worked very similarly to the desktop version. Unfortunately, my mobile browsing didn't show up on my PC's Timeline. You can use the add-on to continue browsing a website from your phone on your PC's default browser.

Sadly, not that common

There really isn't much else to say about the add-on, but it's a great chance to highlight the fact that this feature isn't used by many developers to its potential. Some normal big names among the Windows community support it, such as myTube! But overall, it's mostly just Microsoft apps that support the feature.

I'm not surprised Google wouldn't support it, because it has very few apps available on anything running Windows. But the fact that opening Timeline on my device shows basically just my Edge history with a few other apps thrown in is disappointing. If Timeline doesn't want to become the next My People, a great feature that basically no one uses, more developers need to get on board.

Overall thoughts on Timeline Support for Firefox

It's great to see this add-on for a big-named browser like Firefox. Too few developers utilize Timeline and adding it to one (soon to be two) of the world's most popular browsers is great.

The ability to push a website from one device to another is nice, but I'd also like my histories from multiple devices to show up on my Timeline, like they do for Microsoft Edge. Overall, it's a great add-on that's free and brings a lot of functionality.


  • Works seamlessly
  • Available across multiple platforms
  • Customizable
  • Free


  • Sites from mobile and desktop don't show up on each other's timelines

Download Timeline Support for Firefox

Updated August 13, 2018: We updated this post to add availability information and a link to the Google Chrome version of Timeline Support.

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