Tiny Troopers and Make it Rain: The Love of Money both get early updates this morning

Game Troopers (Gametroopers.net) is a studio dedicated to bringing games to Windows Phone and Windows. More importantly, those games are often Xbox Live enabled with those coveted Achievements. Two of their games have received updates this morning, as the company looks to continue to support their work in the Store.

The patches are for Tiny Troopers and Make it Rain. The updates are mostly related to performance and bug fixes, but we have the changelogs for both since we know you folks like the details.

Tiny Troopers

Tiny Troopers (1.7)

  • Fixed an issue related to notifications 
  • Fixed an issue that may cause paying users to see ads. Users that have bought any item must not see any ad. 

Download Tiny Troopers for Windows Phone (Free)

Make it Rain: The Love of Money (1.4)

  • Fixes a rare crash on low memory devices 
  • Ads frequency gets reduced 

Download Make it Rain: The Love of Money for Windows Phone (Free)

If you have not tried either game, you should for a few reasons. One, they are both free, so there is no risk there. They both work on devices with 512 MB of RAM. They are both Xbox Live games. Finally, we like supporting studios that focus on Windows Phone and Windows, and this is what Game Troopers do.

The studio has a few other titles in the work too, and we will be bringing you more information about those as soon as we can. In the meantime, give these titles a spin and leave a review in the Store if you like the games!

qr: tiny troopers

qr: make it rain

Daniel Rubino

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  • When are they going to bring make it rain to version 2 then?
  • Get jealous of my android and iPhone friends who get missions.
  • Mission?
  • We have Xbox achievements
  • That doesn't make up for it. The missions on the other platforms help give a sense of purpose. On WP you reach a point where it just feels pointless.
  • Nah, Xbox achievements are better. We have the definitive version of the game.
  • Agree. Achievements are great sense of purpose.
  • +1520
  • No. They aren't. Missions help you progress faster. I wad playing this against my friends to see who could make the most money. Guess what, the missions meant they could aquire money at a faster rate. It made the game less fun. So stop making excuses for a game that lacks in features.
  • So what? You earned way more Gamerscore than they did. That's way better.
  • Speak for your self.
  • It could be mext week. iOS/Android have way more ads than windows btw :-)
  • Tiny Troopers is an awesome game until the escort missions ruin it. Dumb reporters that wonder directly into the path of the enemy while you're in the middle of fighting other enemies facing another direction......
  • *wander
  • I downloaded, completed and deleted the game. Always hope to see some more levels when an update comes out but .....
  • They recently updated with new zombie levels
  • Me too.. Was a very cool game..liked it v.much
  • Nice headline
  • Be sure to read the article for the love of money in make it rain. Really good read plus an achievement
  • Give the link.
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/19/opinion/sunday/for-the-love-of-money.html?_r=0
  • Ads frequency gets reduced - Good!
  • Very nice!!!
  • Why aren't they tripping pitfall... I love it!
  • Wasn't getting any ads at all, updated.....ads every time :| shizz!
  • Opposite here..no ads at all.really!
  • Oh man I can't wait for dungeon hunter 5 :c
  • The android and ios versions of make it rain have missions. It shows up as a cell phone in the corner. Why can't we have the same features on WP?
  • Because we get Xbox Live achievements.
  • Our version is the definitive version because we have Xbox integration.
  • Stores tiny troops a good game??
  • I am really looking forward to their next game, Abyss.
  • What Xbox titles do have ads?
  • Free ones do
  • Too bad that Make it Rain does not work on the Tech Preview.
  • Tiny Troopers is very addictive.. :)
  • Nice games
  • Lol this morning i uninstalled Tiny Troopers...!
  • Both of them bad games I think
  • Make it Rain still Doesn't work with Lumnia 730... Maybe one day they will get on fixing that :(
  • Its working fine.I an using it  
  • Tried both of them...both are really addictive and cool games..looking forward for more games by 'GAME TROOPERS'.Thanks for supporting windows platform.
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  • Dont download make it rain money if u love your finger