Game Troopers ( is a studio dedicated to bringing games to Windows Phone and Windows. More importantly, those games are often Xbox Live enabled with those coveted Achievements. Two of their games have received updates this morning, as the company looks to continue to support their work in the Store.

The patches are for Tiny Troopers and Make it Rain. The updates are mostly related to performance and bug fixes, but we have the changelogs for both since we know you folks like the details.

Tiny Troopers

Tiny Troopers (1.7)

  • Fixed an issue related to notifications 
  • Fixed an issue that may cause paying users to see ads. Users that have bought any item must not see any ad. 

Download Tiny Troopers for Windows Phone (Free)

Make it Rain: The Love of Money (1.4)

  • Fixes a rare crash on low memory devices 
  • Ads frequency gets reduced 

Download Make it Rain: The Love of Money for Windows Phone (Free)

If you have not tried either game, you should for a few reasons. One, they are both free, so there is no risk there. They both work on devices with 512 MB of RAM. They are both Xbox Live games. Finally, we like supporting studios that focus on Windows Phone and Windows, and this is what Game Troopers do.

The studio has a few other titles in the work too, and we will be bringing you more information about those as soon as we can. In the meantime, give these titles a spin and leave a review in the Store if you like the games!

qr: tiny troopers

qr: make it rain