Tip: T-Mobile HD7 Mango gets Search Engine option

T-Mobile, for some reason (we bet they signed something), evidently insists on making Google the default search engine for their phones, including the HTC HD7. It's sort of annoying for many because Bing is actually really good at what it does.

In the Mango update for the HD7 for T-Mobile (in the US at least), users have an extra option under the IE9 settings--basically they get to choose Google as default or switch to Bing, which is migh-tee nice of them, no? Of course, you're probably wondering why the rest of us don't have that option to go in reverse, right? Yeah, we don't know either.

But at least for T-Mo users, feel free to switch back to Bing now and take a shower to wash the ick off. Thanks, Prakash G., for the tip and photo!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • On the DVP too. One of the 1st things I did.
  • Thank goodness.. Everytime I used IE I had to type in the bing URL if i wanted to search something because I could not stand Google. It would never bring up the actual page I was looking for, just a stripped down preview. I would have to tap 'Go to page one' if i wanted to see the whole website. Maybe I just needed to change to the desktop version. Oh well, Im happy to have bing as the default now.
  • Seriously guys? Bing is good?How did a tech blog miss the fact that Bing is still in beta EVERYWHERE but in the States?I think in Germany it's even still the MSN search with a Bing skin. So I can understand T-Mobile perfectly. I wish I had the option on my O2 Germany HD7.
  • I'm German too and Bing is often really a bad search engine...I miss Google :(
  • This article is about the *US* TMobile HD7. Save the "Bing sucks in the rest of the world" rants for another post.
  • You know, there is actually not a single one article about "Bing sucks everywhere except in US", so don't be surprised we complain elswhere then. You're biggest web about WP7 and very popular. Still you know just a little about it ( or don't wanna know? ).
  • The actual results and UI of Bing aside (since I believe this is very subjective), the fact that it's a beta doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad. Gmail is one of the most widely used mail services in the world and it didn't leave beta until July of 2009. That's five years after it was released, and I'm guessing that most of its users had no idea it was a beta (I didn't even notice until I'd been using it for months). If you don't like the skin or the way it functions, then those are valid opinions and should be expressed. However, the fact that it is a beta is a weak argument in my opinion.
  • Wow, thanks for the tip.
  • Ewwww Google.
  • I don't get how WPcentral found out that Bing is actually good. Here, in Czech republic, it doesn't work at all. Literally. Search button just opens IE with bing.com (desktop version, in which you can't see a thing) in english. Even after setting Bing website to Czech it searches english results only. Bing maps are actually good… for nothing. You can check where you are, street names are correct etc. but it didn't find anything. There's even not a search button! After setting locale to english, it searches everything exctept Czech Republic ( european union you know, not mongloia, siberia or nothing like that). So, I think that Google search integration is really good idea. You would too, going outside USA at leaste once in a life.
  • "You would too, going outside USA at leaste once in a life. "No need to be a **** about it dude. I know it's fun and popular to bash US citizens (seriously, very original there), but just because we generalize about a search engine doesn't give you the right to slam us personally nor make assumptions about our world travels. You're view on Bing in the Czech Republic is warranted and welcomed, but forgive the rest of the world for not knowing how well Bing works in each and every country, specifically yours.Either way, the focus of the article is for T-Mobile users in the US with an HD7, not how good/bad Bing is out the US or the travel habits of our writers. So you can take the self-righteous smugness down a notch or two next time you post, thanks.
  • You're totally right. I just bought Omnia 7 and thought its awesome (especialy thanks to you :D ) and then found out its totally useless. So I'm heavily piss*d, but it's not personally your fault. I feel ashamed now, better cool down before I write something next time.
  • Says the guy who implies those who use Google need to "take a shower to wash the ick off".If you don't want bad reactions to your articles, stop filling them with fanboyish nonsense.
  • you're free to go else where if u can't stand the "fanboyish nonsense"
  • You are right. Exactly what I thought. Daniel doesn't seem to be very calm as well, and is overreacting.And by the way, the dwbmb is right, Google is still better in search engine. I understand, that US is much bigger and therefore more interesting for the MS, but when you want to be global player, you must not focus only there. Same thing is with the Zune pass. It's impossible to buy it almost everywhere but US. But hey, Apple is selling the music in Czech Republic in their Apple Store. So there must be a way for MS to do it as well.
  • Dont rush, even Marketpkace is available only few days now, I dont expect its all gonna work within weeks or months. Beside you can upload music bought elsewhere to your phone. But Bing search… how long is WP7 being sold in Czech? From it's start, same time like in US. But without basic feature like search and without option to change it to actually working search engine. Thats patethic.
  • I'm on 02 UK and the alternative option is Yahoo which IE would use pre-Mango as an address bar search.
  • I wish I could set it on Google on my Omnia 7. Google is still a LOT better than Bing in search results. Especially if you're not living in the USA.
  • Well… I guess as Vodafone does. Till Mango, we were forced to used "360 Search" on the IE. Now we can change to Bing, which is absolutely better!!
  • Well, after I changed to Bing, I can't change it back to Google. The dropdown box says Google again but Bing still pops up in IE. Can any other HD7 owners confirm?
  • I say good, I've been using Bing since the start as my main search engine and I'm not about to switch. I don't want any google on my phone outside of it grabbing my gmail email and that's it.
  • i got the option too, o2 germany, hd7. sadly i can just choose between yahoo and bing, but thats better than having to deal with yahoo :)
  • I also noticed that option as I was fanboying my Mango. Changed it instantly. Mango Bing is far better than nodo's imo. It didnt dawn on me that this feature was hd7 only. Glad I have it ;)
  • Very cool!!!!! I almost fliped the first time I did a search on my HD7 and Google poped up. I tried to change it with no Success. It's good to know that I now can use Bing in IE.
  • I got the option on my Bell HD7, so Canada gets a choice too. Which is good because we were tied into Yahoo search and I hate how their site is setup.