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Titan One review: Play Xbox One with Playstation controllers and much more

A couple of months ago, we reported on a unique accessory from Console Tuner that allows gamers to play any of the four big systems ( Xbox One and 360, Playstation 3 and 4) with controllers designed for other systems. I could imagine numerous potential uses: enhanced comfort from using the controller you like best, the ability to use expensive accessories like arcade sticks and racing wheels you already own for older systems, and much more.

At last I've picked up a Titan One and put it through its paces on my Xbox One and 360. With the diminutive USB adapter, I managed to play Halo: the Master Chief Collection with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers, Forza Horizon 2 with a Playstation 4 DualShock 4 controller, and even Killer Instinct with a USB Sega Saturn Pad for PC. Some of the Titan One functions have a bit of a learning curve, but our detailed review and hands-on video will show you how to get started with this must-have peripheral.

The Titan One hardware

Inside the Titan One box, you'll find the Titan One itself, a brief instruction manual, and a very short mini-USB cable. The cable can be used to connect the Titan One to a PC in order to load it with controller profiles and scripts, update its firmware, and more.

The Titan One is a black USB device measuring about 2.75 x .75 x .5 inches (70 x 19 x 11.5 mm). The top of the device bears its logo, a small LED panel, and a button.

The LED displays one character at a time while the device is powered, though the character can alternate to represent two-character status messages. For example, when you first plug it in to your console, it will flash "A" and then "U" for "Authenticate." For a full list of LED messages, see this page.

In combination with the button, the LED can be used to switch control profiles. The profile starts on zero (no set profile) by default. Users can store up to nine customized profiles, which must be installed through the free Gtuner Pro software before use. Once you have some profiles set up, just press the button to switch to them on your console.

You'll find a full-size female USB port on one end of the Titan One. There you'll plug in controllers for authentication or for use. The side of the Titan One also has a female mini-USB port for PC connectivity. We'll describe console authentication and PC connectivity shortly.

First things first: Authentication

Whichever supported console (Xbox One and 360, or Playstation 3 and 4) you use the Titan One with, you'll need a controller for that console that you can plug into the console through the Titan One's USB port in order to authenticate the controller. This process allows the Titan One to borrow that controller's ID and assign it to whatever non-standard controller you end up using with the console.

While some third-party controllers can be used for authentication, it seems that most can't. Check the controller compatibility list for details. In general, you'll want to use a first-party controller.

After plugging in the console's native controller, the Titan One's LED display will change from AU to 0. You can now unplug that controller. As long as the console remains powered on with the Titan One plugged in, the console will believe that any subsequent controller you connect to the Titan One *is* that original controller.

You can't use the authenticated controller while using another controller with the same Titan One, because its unique ID is already in use. Just unplug it and set it aside. If you plugged in a normally wireless controller for authentication, that controller will power off on its own after a few minutes. No need to worry about the battery running down while you play with a different controller.

Using a different system's controller with the Titan One

Now that your controller is authenticated, you're free to use any of the four default controller types (Xbox One and 360, Playstation 3 and 4) as well as most third-party controllers made for those systems. Just plug any of those controllers into the Titan One's USB port and it will instantly work, just like a native controller.

Using official Xbox One and Playstation 4 DualShock 4 controllers in wired mode is easy. Plug either one in via micro-USB cable and it will work like a charm. Playstation 3 DualShock 3 controllers work the same way, except they require a mini-USB cable (like the Titan One itself uses) for wired use. Wired Xbox 360 controllers have built-in cables, so they're the simplest of all to connect.

Cross-platform wireless support

Wireless use is more complicated. At present there is no way to use an Xbox One controller wirelessly with other consoles. You can use Xbox 360 controllers wirelessly with an Xbox 360 wireless adapter for PCs.

As opposed to the proprietary Wi-Fi formats employed by both Xbox systems, Playstation 3 and 4 DualShock controllers connect wirelessly by Bluetooth. The Titan One does not have built-in Bluetooth support, but you can buy a Bluetooth dongle to add the feature. The dongle plugs into the Titan One's USB port.

Before you can actually use either controller via Bluetooth, you'll need to pair it with the Titan One through the PC. That involves connecting the Titan One to PC via mini-USB and going through some menu options in the Gtuner Pro software. Maybe a pain to figure out on your own, but these guides spell it out simply enough:

Once you have paired a controller with the Titan One through the PC software, it won't need to be re-paired again. You can just authenticate a controller, insert the Bluetooth dongle, turn on the DualShock controller, and it will work right away.

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the few criticisms I can level toward the Titan One hardware itself. Using a Bluetooth dongle is no big deal, but a Titan One with built-in Bluetooth would be even nicer. One less thing to worry about losing, and one less step in the process, you know?

Headset support

The Titan One's only other weakness is its lack of headset support. Depending on the system you're using this accessory with, you might or might not be able to use headsets at all.

  • On Xbox One, you have to turn on a second wireless controller and use voice chat through it. We use the same workaround with third-party controllers that lack headset support (all of them so far). Alternately, you can use the expensive Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X wireless headphones (opens in new tab) without the need for a second controller.
  • On Playstation 4, you have to buy a USB sound card to handle voice chat duties for the Titan One. Check out this forum thread at Console Tuner for details.
  • With Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, you should be able to use those systems' wireless headsets regardless of controller type.

Even more than Bluetooth, my wish for a future, higher-priced Titan One would be native headset support for at least the two current-gen platforms.

Using PC Controllers and more with your console

When I picked up the Titan One, I mistakenly believed that standard USB controllers would just work in the same way that the four main console's controllers work. After all, generic USB pads work with Playstation 3, I hear. Sadly, it takes a bit more work to use them with the Titan One.

To use a PC controller, whether it's a Saturn Pad (my controller of choice), flight stick, racing wheel, or whatever, you'll first need to plug the controller directly into one of your PC's USB ports. The computer needs to have the drivers for the controller and recognize it as a Game Controller, which it will if you've ever used the thing before.

The Titan One needs to simultaneously be connected to another port on the PC via mini-USB cable. If you're on a Windows 8 tablet with only one USB port, you'll have to use a USB hub. Launch Gtuner Pro and make sure both the app and your Titan One are fully updated (they update frequently).

Now you have to download the appropriate plugin for PC controller connectivity: MaxAim DI. Titan One supports five plugins, all of which can be downloaded with ease through the program's Plugin Manager. Neither Gtuner Pro nor MaxAim DI are especially easy to use, but you can look to guides for help if you get stuck. Annoyingly, MaxAim DI can't even be launched unless the Titan One is connected.

Having launched MaxAim DI, select Direct Input/DI Settings and choose the PC controller that you'll be using with the Titan One. Now you can press buttons on the controller and see whether the plugin detects them or not. Back out of the menu, open the Device Monitor and select the console you want to use the PC controller with. MaxAim DI should update with an image of that controller.

Finally, you'll need to assign PC controller inputs to each button and directional input that you plan to use on the console. The best way to do that is right-click on the console input and choose "Direct Catch." The next input you make on the PC controller will be assigned to that input on the console. It used to be harder to assign inputs, but the Gtuner and MaxAim DI developer was cool enough to add the Direct Catch feature at my request.

Having assigned all of the inputs you plan to use and then saved your layout, you're ready to use the controller on your console! Plug the Titan One into the console and authenticate, then connect it to PC via mini-USB. The PC controller must be connected to the PC, not the Titan One itself. Assuming you got your layout right, you're good to go.

MaxAim DI also allows the use of mouse and keyboard on consoles, with the mouse and keyboard connecting to the PC as with PC controllers. We don't have room to properly cover mouse and keyboard use in this review. Leave us a comment if you're interested in a separate Titan One mouse and keyboard story and video, and I'll try to make one!

Advanced features, scripts, and cheating

My goal was always to use the USB Saturn Pad with the Xbox One and 360. However, the Saturn Pad lacks equivalent buttons for Home/Guide and View/Back. To be able to use those functions, I had to assign button combinations on the Saturn Pad that would produce the proper inputs on Xbox.

Frustratingly, MaxAim DI can't natively assign a button combination to a single target input. But I managed to create a script in Gtuner Pro that does what I need. Gtuner Pro supports both a scripting language (text programming) and visual scripting. Neither is super intuitive, but if you have a head for it and follow the guides you can probably do what you need to do.

My Saturn Pad script adds the following button combinations:

  • Saturn Left Shoulder + Start = Xbox One View button
  • Saturn Right Shoulder + Start = Xbox One Home button

If anybody out there wants to use a Saturn Pad on Xbox One, you can download my script from Console Tuner.

Scripts like mine and a variety of controller profiles can be installed to the Titan One's nine memory slots using the "Programming" tab on the Gtuner Pro software. Gtuner Pro in general is very robust but not at all intuitive to use. It could use a good going over by a UI expert. But again, look at the Console Tuner guides and spend some time with the program and you'll usually be able to do what you want to do.

Gtuner Pro scripts/profiles can be used to accomplish a lot of helpful effects, such as adding rapid fire to a button or reducing recoil in a shooter. These will benefit the player, but they are technically cheating. The Titan One basically enables some mild cheating that would be difficult or impossible to detect online. Making stuff easier in single player is a victimless crime, but gaining an unfair advantage online is extremely uncool. But nobody's forcing you to cheat with the thing, as I certainly never will.

Overall Impression

Some players will be satisfied with a console's stock controllers and/or the variety of third-party controllers available for that console. I've become quite used to the Xbox One controller myself, even if the sticks are slightly too long and the bumpers a tad less responsive than I'd like. But other players will always prefer another system's controller, whether it's a DualShock or something else. The Titan One is exactly what they need.

The Titan One has many more practical uses as well. Do you own an arcade stick for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3? Instead of buying a $200 Xbox One stick, just grab a Titan One and keep using the stick you know and love. Or maybe you have a racing wheel, flight stick, or some other type of controller that the new systems can't use on their own. Run them through the Titan One and you'll get even more use out of that expensive accessory.

Console Tuner and designer Jefferson Kopp (who created the Titan One's predecessor, the Cronus Max) have created a supremely useful accessory in the Titan One. The ability to use any of the four main console's controllers with any of those systems is convenient, to say the least. It's not a perfect accessory; I would like to see future revisions of the Titan One gain native support for generic USB controllers, as well as proper headset support.

The Gtuner Pro software and associated plugins like MaxAim DI need to be more user friendly as well. But the Console Tuner team has been very open to suggestions so far, so I expect the software will continue to improve over time. And if you're not interested in using PC controllers or controller scripts and profiles, the complexity of the software won't even be an issue for you.

In the end, I'm grateful that someone has engineered a product that lets me use the controllers of my choice with all of my game systems – lag-free. If the ability to use different controllers or mouse and keyboard with your game system sounds good, you're going to love the Titan One.

As a special offer for Windows Central readers, use the promo code pcd5 for five percent off your order for the Titan One from Extreme Mods!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

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    Some of those features are not even real features, or they are dishonest. The Titan One does include a mini-USB cable, it does have a warranty, etc.
    Cronus Max can't release new versions of MaxAim DI without reverse engineering them, because the Titan One designer is the same person who developed MaxAim DI and he does not provide them with access to MaxAim DI. The racing wheel thing does sound like a feather in Cronus Max's cap, but are you steering wheel support works that much differently between the two devices?
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  • We'll see how well it actually works when I do our mouse and keyboard impressions.
  • I look forward to seeing your follow up on this.  Setup analysis would also be great to see. I wonder if use of this device to setup mouse/kbd for ps3 means you always have to have a PC as an intermediary device or just for initial setup and possibly software updates. For those console folks who get paranoid about mouse/kbd users in multiplayer, I only play singleplayer so relax. Other folks will I expect gravitate towards any advantage since analog controller sticks are the least sensible way to move in games.
  • The PC has to be present the entire time when using the Titan One for mouse and keyboard or other non-standard controllers (flight sticks, random USB pads, etc.). If you don't want a PC involved, the more expensive XIM4 peripheral is the way to go. We're reviewing it this month. Will try to do the Titan One mouse and keyboard impressions this month too. Stay tuned!
  • Only with a trackball(like the m570) will you get an unfair advantage
  • The idea is really cool, but at the end of the day, the pricing and work needed to get this going just isn't worth it, in my opinion. While I certainly have my controller preferences (Microsoft ones), it's not THAT hard to adapt to a PS3 controller, so I'd just do that, rather than putting $65 into using a One controller on a PlayStation device. What's worse is the inability to universally use headsets or wireless connections. I know it's not necessarily the Titan makers' fault, but it still sucks.   End of the day, this seems like an EXTREMELY niche device, made solely for those with a decent chunk of money to toss away and a controller attachment so strong it can't be overcome by an hour of adjustment to a new one. Luckily, I have just a One and a PC, along with a Wii U that lives elsewhere. That leads me to another question: does this not support the Wii U (I guess because it's not x86 architecture or something)? The Wii U would actually be a sweet plan for this, if it was a multi-device setup. I'd be all about pairing my One controllers to the Wii U for Smash, rather than spending $40-50 on a Pro controller. However, when it's $65 to connect a single controller, my interest is lost (as it costs more as buy a Pro controller). They need something like the multi-device GameCube controller hub on the Wii U, so people don't have to put as much money into this for multiplayer.
  • Steering wheels have got to be the most expensive investment to a person who has wii/u/gc & 360/1
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  • You'd need 3 original Xbox One controllers for that to work, even if the Titan One had 3 USB inputs (which is not practical). Funny how this device does an amazing technological thing and some people want it to do even more, regardless of practicality.
  • I don't think anyone's doubting how impressive the device is as it stands, it's just that it's a hard price to swallow. Just as we might have issues with a $60 game that feels lacking in content (such as Sunset Overdrive, which is a great game, but has a short campaign), this $65 accessory does its thing well, but ultimately doesn't warrant enough the price tag, when talking about value to the majority of consumers. It's not like people are saying the peripheral is bad in-practice (well, some might be, haven't read all of the comments), but making suggestions for improvements on future models. We're basically saying, "it's a nice accessory, but doesn't fit my wants/needs; here is how it can."
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  • This had the ability to be great but lack of multi controller support makes it worthless. I only have one Xbox one controller but I want to play campaign and multiplayer with my friends locally and this looked like it would solve my problem but it wont.
  • That's like saying a Media Remote is worthless because it can't be used for multiplayer. This device has a purpose and I does that very well. Not the designer's fault you want it to do something that is different and technically impossible.
  • I wouldn't say either of those things myself. The Media Remote is built for a different purpose than playing games, where as the Titan IS built for controller input...transalation is the best term I can come up with. Making the Titan support multiple controllers would be multiplying its core use over several devices, which is a lot different than repurposing a TV remote into a video game controller, not that the analogy is even a big deal here. Saying that multi-device support is technically impossible, that's where I think you're wrong. Nintendo has already put out that GameCube-to-Wii U adapter that allows up to 4 GC controllers to simultaneously be used on a Wii U, through one device. Now, keeping the Titan One as small as it is would probably be impossible, if you wanted multi-device support, but to say that simultaneous, multi-device support is technically impossible seems to already be disproven. Of course, such a device would be MUCH more expensive (which people would throw a fit about, of course), it would be much larger, and it might have to go the Nintendo route of using 2 USB ports to work. It's also a different animal to deal with signal translation for more than one kind of controller, but I certainly wouldn't peg it as "technically impossible."
  • If you want a better analogy, Chris's original comment is like complaining about a racing wheel because you can't use it with fighting games. But the analogy isn't the important part. The Wii U can use GameCube controllers, including a GameCube controller hub, because of two reasons. One, Nintendo designed the console knowing that it would support GameCube controllers (so as to play Smash Bros. for Wii and Wii U, etc.). Two, Nintendo has full access to the hardware (both Wii U and GameCube) so it can make the hardware do things that no outside party would be able to accomplish. The Titan One and similar devices operate by reverse engineering how the controllers for the various consoles work. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would never license inter-company cross-platform accessories. Never in a million years. So for a device like this to exist, a talented and enterprising individual had to reverse engineer all of the various controllers (or work with the reverse engineering findings of others) and design a custom PCB and software that would accomplish what the device does. As stated in the review, the Titan One works legally by borrowing the controller ID from a controller you actually own and assigning it to whatever device you want to use. It can't legally assign IDs for controllers you don't own. Also, while more complex technological functions are possible (such as Bluetooth integration), that would drive up the price further, reducing the chance that penny pinchers (ahem) would ever buy it. The product you're describing, a USB hub that lets you use multiple controllers from another company's console on the console of your choice, will simply never exist. Not because no one has thought of it, but because of the reasons I outlined above.
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  • I agree. I loathe the Dual Shock, especially the D-Pad. That's got to be the worst D-Pad ever made on a controller and they haven't changed it in 20 years. It's mind-boggling. The best D-Pad ever is the Dreamcast's, but the new Xbox One D-Pad is a close second (much better than the 360's was, but I wish it's placement was a bit more to the left, as it's hard to do some of the quartercircle moves in KI from the far side of the D-pad).
  • What fanboy world are you living in, MS's d-pads are the worst.
  • Nope. The Xbox One D-pad is very good, much better than the 20-year-old-and-never-fixed Dual Shock D-Pad. Only the Dreamcast's D-pad is better.
  • The Xbox One's d-pad is great. The Xbox 360 d-pads, not so much.
  • The Xbox 360's d-pad is far worse than the Dual Shock because it's extremely imprecise. The Dual Shock d-pad is not great for diagonals, but it is very precise.
  • I prefer using the D-pad over the analog sticks for fighting games, many of which have quarter-circle commands. I find the D-pad on the Dual Shock to be almost useless for this as the diagonals, as you point out, are tough to hit. So while the 360's d-pad may be more imprecise in some instances, it's definitely better for fighting games than the Dual Shock is. That said, I dislike them both and much prefer the Dreamcast's and Xbox One's D-pads.
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  • Honestly, I thought the price was too high for this accessory. But if I understand correctly, you could basically use this with just about any controller under the sun as long as it's USB or you have a bluetooth adapter. In essence, I think it's a fair price, especially if you have a bunch of controllers laying around your house. I'm interested in using something along the lines of that Saturn controller, but not too fond of that D-Pad.
  • "Leave us a comment if you're interested in a separate Titan One mouse and keyboard story and video, and I'll try to make one!" Very interested in Mouse/Keyboard review and how it works. As a PC gamer, without a mouse and keyboard I won't go near a console; still think Microsoft missed a major opportunity to attract PC gamers to the Xbox if only they natively supported m/kb controls.    
  • Absolutely with you on that one.
  • Try the xim4 I have a xim4 and a chromus max which is the same thing as the titan. Xim is much better for mouse and keyboard translation. And it it send headset sounds through the controller.
  • Can you use the Xbox 360 racing wheels with the new Xbox one using this? They were wireless and I have two of them, would be awesome to be able to use them on my forza games on Xbox one. They have unfortunately just been collecting dust since I got the Xbox one and are too well made to just throw them out.
  • RE Headsets - It's incorrect to say you need to use voice through a second controller on xbox one. You can use a wireless heaset to avoid this (such as Turtle Beach 500X), just like on 360/PS3.
  • I don't think that's correct for the new systems. Any headset goes through a controller AFAIK, unlike 360 and PS3. Do you have a source?
  • It is correct. The Turtle Beach 500x are fully wireless and don't go through a controller. I own the headset so am confident in this information. Here is a link to the Turtle Beach websitre confirming them as completely wireless - Alternative Source - Amazon product page for 500x headphones says "100% Wireless Chat - Stealth 500X offers 100% wireless chat for Xbox One" -
  • Did you get a chance to review the info I posted yet Paul?
  • Here is a post on the official Titan One forums by Jefferson Kopp (who writes all their software) confirming what I've said about the 500X headset and Titan One:
  • Thanks for doing that legwork, Slysy! That headset is too expensive to be a viable option for most users, but it's cool that someone has already made a wireless headset for the 'bone. Added it to the review.
  • No problem Paul. I agree that the headset is expensive. It's really nice not having to wire into the controller though. Plus the mic monitoring feature is great (where you can hear yourself talk through the headphones) - not many xbox one headset have that either. Main disadvantage for me (other than the cost) is they don't work on 360 (or ps4/ps3)
  • Shame indeed they aren't cross-platform. But I'd love to review 'em for our site, so I'd better reach out to Turtle Beach!
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  • So glad you liked it, TechFreak. Thanks very much.
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  • It's a custom ColorWare controller. We reviewed their service a while back.
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  • I explained the purpose in the review. Please read before commenting.
  • Finally so no more batteries
  • i kinda wish i had this when i had my 360 hahah, i'll keep this in mind! Nice review Paul, very detailed as always!
  • So does this mean I can use a G27 steering wheel on my Xbox One!?
  • Don't be ripped off. Nah for me!
  • What about racing wheels for other consoles (PS3)? Can they be used directly with the Titan One or do I need the PC for that?
  • I think it would require a PC, but I haven't tested it.
  • Paul, Neat device but, in the real world, would you actually use it a lot ?  It seems like it would be a pain to use, boot up the system, connect the controller via usb, wait, then connect the controller you want to use. When you use the default controler on any of the systems (PS 3/4 Xbox one/360). just click the button and go. Meaning in a every day/every other day type of gamer. If you could use all the wired steering controls, flight and fight sticks for the 360/PS3/ PC on the Xbox one/PS4, yea cool but, your not going to use this all the time, only some games you will use it on. No question a perk but, a minor one, of course, depending on the game. It's not like with my collection of game systems, (PS3/PS4/WiiU/Xbox one/360) that I have all setup with a AUTO HDMI switch, that I could grab a Xbox one controller, manually turn on a system and use the xbox one controller on any of the other systems (with no startup config to do), now that would be cool.... Seems like a nitch type of device, they wont sell a million of them but, for people in the need it would be a life saver.
  • I'd certainly use it a lot when I felt like playing games with the Saturn Pad (which I love), but I don't care for Dual Shocks so that aspect won't affect me much. Swapping controllers around for a few seconds is no big deal, especially in the name of comfort or other customized controls or whatever. Arcade sticks work by default with the Titan One, but I believe racing wheels and flight sticks have to go through the PC to work. What you're wishing for would be neat, but it's not technologically feasible. Again, I think some of you guys let your wishes get a little too lofty compared to what is technologically possible and/or cost effective. "This skateboard is neat, but I really only need a hoverboard. Let me know when I can buy one for $20."
  • Yea, what I was wishing for I know is not feasible right now....well, with tech, if there was a desire and a bunch of USB devices(sync all the USB devices with memory of the controller), it could be possable accept for the WiiU, one would think. For example, a small low powered network....Yea, I would bet with this tech, it could be possable. I see your point, and in some cases I could see a use for it, Yea, I dont really care for the dual shock controllers and even using a 360 or xbox one controller would be big improvement. I'm not in the concept, to be cheap about it, Just trying to figure out if I can warrant the cost via the benifit for it. As when I want to play a game, I want to turn it on and PLAY, There is one thing I miss from classic consoles (classic Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, etc), No updates...drop in a game you have not played in 2 weeks and there is 25 min of updates waiting.. No question, the Saturn Pad is/was awesome, I still have mine around, too bad the system does not get that much use any more (every year or so I connect it and play a few games). Also, speaking of classic controllers, The Neo Geo control pads would make awesome fight sticks :)
  • Ah, that's very cool that you own a Saturn and have used Neo Geo controllers! I wish SNK Playmore would do another production run on the Neo Geo USB Pads. They're $80 bucks a pop on Amazon and eBay! I was telling someone else, the Titan One operates by tricking a system into thinking that whatever controller you're using is the controller that was used for authentication. The thing could store controller IDs and skip the authentication process, but that would be illegal to do, as I understand it. The newer consoles aren't just simple PCBs connected to button inputs. They have those unique IDs and firmware that belong to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. So there's no good way around the authentication step that wouldn't get the accessory manufacturer in trouble, I'm afraid. That's cool that cost isn't your big concern. I was really just referring to how it is a concern for some other commenters, and yet some of those same people keep requesting extra features that would increase the price of the hardware. This thing is already too complex and niche to ever be sold at a much lower price point. If you're on the fence, I'd just wait until a game comes up that you really want to play with a specific controller from another system. The number of 360 games that cry out for a Saturn pad are many, but the Xbox One doesn't have a ton of retro games and fighting games just yet.
  • "I was telling someone else, the Titan One operates by tricking a system into thinking that whatever controller you're using is the controller that was used for authentication. The thing could store controller IDs and skip the authentication process, but that would be illegal to do, as I understand it." Yea, exactly, If you could store it....Get 4 of them....Sync them all with 1 Xbox one controller, Then when you want to play, turn on your system and just use one controller...would be cool.. Wonder if you can cheat the system by using a powered hub or something to keep power to the Titan One, so you would not have to resync when you powered on....A thought... Anyway about it, been following your posts for a lone time...I also have been a gamer from the classics....back in the Atari 2600 days is where I started and never looked back...I still have a Pong home machine (first home game) and a Vectrex sitting on my desk at home... and I have 5 full size arcade games in my office, including a 80's Star Wars cockpit :)
  • Color me jealous! I only have on arcade machine: Double Dragon II. Would love to get either Golden Axe 2 or Sega's Spider-Man someday.
  • I have....Ms, Pac-man (with a Jr. Pac board), Asteroids, Crystal Castles, Atari system 1 (with complete sets for Marble Madness, Road Blasters and Indyanna Jones and the temple of doom) and the Star wars.. Trust me it's a passion of love.....The star wars cockpit was painted black and converted into a Hydra...a year or so and many nights of finding orginal parts(ebay, etc) to get it all working again... Here is part of the project, started converting it...Dont mind the site, I have not updated it FOREVER...
  • This wont let me use an xbox one controller wirelessly with my windows pc will it? I have all these indie games on steam that I want to start playing but I've been holding off buying a 360 controller because I expected MS to have released a windows bundle for the One controller already but it's taking way too long. It's not a money issue, I just don't want a lot of peripherals laying around.
  • There is currently no way to use an Xbox One controller wirelessly with PC or other platforms. We'll have to wait for Microsoft to release an Xbox One wireless adapter for PC.
  • Great Review I just wish they would of implemented the headset support.   I just think it was kind of mind-blowning they didnt even attempt, when majority of user are using wired Headset not wireless headset.  They should of thought about it before releasing it. Its just common sense.   Hey Paul  anychance of doing a XIM 4 review since it alow users to use a keybaord and mouse for the xbone and ps4.  I think xim 4 + titan one is a deadly combination.
  • As I understand it, the device would cost more to make if it had headset support. Needs to have more bandwidth or some such. Perhaps the makers will put out a more expensive version with that feature in the future - I'd buy it. I'll look into getting a XIM4. That does sound like a cool product to review!
  • I realize that this thread is probably dead.... But I just heard that this thing unofficially supports android(I wish it was WP too...). I'm getting a nexus player and this is gonna make it the best media device out there... Pair it with the wiimote and it will be like the touch screen controls for mc4! Boooya!
  • That sounds very cool!
  • I just bought the titan one. It is on its way as I type.   I have a question. I am planing on using a ds4 controller with my xbox one.   Will I need to go through the whole authentication process every time I start up my xbox one or only if I unplug the titan one from my xbox one. I will only be using my ds4 controller with my xbox one and do not plan on using any other controller with the xbox one.
  • Congrats on the purchase. :) You have to authenticate every time you turn the console on.
  • I replied with a question to the author but don't see it so.....hope this is not a duplicate. I look forward to seeing your mouse/kbd update as I would love to use the Titan in that way for a PS3. Proper setup would also be great as the website is a bit sparse in that regard. I also wonder if you have to always use a pc as an intermediary device or just for setp and updates to software/firmware.
  • Your question is there, dude. Maybe you needed to refresh?
  • How do you connect a wireless xbox 360 controller to the titan one
  • That requires an Xbox 360 wireless controller adapter for PC.
  • To my xbox 360
  • Do you know if the Titan One is available in stores? Or is it only sold online? 
  • Titan One is a total rip off of CronusMAX PLUS - it's shocking that the editor here was duped into reviewing it. He used to be a member of the CronusMAX development team until he stole everything that belonged to them and setup on his own - copying their website at the same time and then trying to patent and copyright everything after the fact (none of which have been approved). The hardware design is awful - even the USB port is upside down lol You only have to look at his features - every time CronusMAX releases a new feature or a fix, Titan then copies it and releases it a few weeks later. CronusMAX recently added SixAxis support and then Titan tried to add it later (and it still doesn't work right lol) - also CronusMAX has almost 80 GamePacks - Titan has around 30 and half of those don't even work right. Titan sells on ebay and in his own webstore whereas CronusMAX PLUS sells all overf the world INCLUDING Best Buy, gameStop, EB Games etc. You can walk into any Best Buy and pick one up right now for only $59.95 and it includes a Bluetooth adapter AND a USB Soundcard (for PS4 headset support) at no extra cost.
  • I've got a set of Madcatz TE Xbox 360 Fightsticks that I would like to use on my Xbox One. Only thing holding me back is if there's any lag at all? I've built an arcade unit running off a 360 and a 720p screen. Now I have a spare 1080p monitor and would like to use the the xbox one for some MKX but i want to use my old sticks and not have to spend $400+ for another set. 
  • Titan One is a total rip off of CronusMAX PLUS - it's shocking that the editor here was duped into reviewing it. He used to be a member of the CronusMAX development team until he stole everything that belonged to them and setup on his own - copying their website at the same time and then trying to patent and copyright everything after the fact (none of which have been approved). The hardware design is awful - even the USB port is upside down. You only have to look at his features - every time CronusMAX releases a new feature or a fix, Titan then copies it and releases it a few weeks later. CronusMAX recently added full PS4 SixAxis support and then Titan tried to add it later (and it still doesn't work right) - also CronusMAX has almost 80 GamePacks - Titan has around 30 and half of those don't even work right. Titan sells on ebay and on his own webstore whereas CronusMAX PLUS sells all over the world INCLUDING Best Buy, GameStop, EB Games etc. and is used in eSports gameing leagues such as ESL and recently headlined at the Mortal Kombat X tournament in Comic Con London. You can walk into any Best Buy and pick one up right now for only $59.95 and it includes a Bluetooth adapter AND a USB Soundcard (for PS4 headset support) at no extra cost. IFrom what I've been reeading CronusMAX are suing the Titan guys right now and it will all come out soon enough.