Tonight at 8 p.m. EDT, Smartphone Experts Roundtable Live!

Sorry, folks, no WMExperts podcast this week. But to make up for it, this week we're bringing you — Smartphone Experts Roundtable Live!

Tonight, Wednesday, June 24 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT, SPE Editor-in-Chief, Dieter Bohn (representing,, and, Kevin Michaluk (fearless leader of, and Matt Miller (editor of will be joining yours Rene Ritchie from to talk Palm Pre, BlackBerry Tour, Nokia N97, and our very own iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3.0 — and, hopefully, a little Windows Mobile thrown in for good measure.

As usual for this sort of thing, pre-show will start about 5 minutes before if you want to drop by early and reserve a space in the chat room. (And you should. Things can get crowded.)

See you then! Join in at

Phil Nickinson

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