Tonight On Kinect: Jace Rode uses his Xbox One to record a cooking show

When Microsoft launched their Game DVR functionality for Xbox One they paired it with Upload Studio. The aforementioned free app from the Xbox Marketplace allows gamers to splice up recorded video content, add Kinect Video narration, add special transition effects, and more. One gamer, Jace Rode, decided to take Kinect to a completely different level and create a cooking show via the Upload Studio software.

The result is a video entitled “Apple Nut Salad” and as you can imagine, the five minute video focuses on putting together an Apple Nut Salad recipe. In what Jace describes as his personal “Cooking and Baking Show”, we can see just how creative a user can get with Microsoft’s Kinect and Xbox One hardware.

Sure, the video was put together in what seems a bit of an impromptu fashion, but that isn’t what we love about this video. We love the creativity that Jace had, when he was thinking of ripping his Kinect and Xbox One away from the television to bring it into the kitchen.

The idea of recording non-gaming content with Kinect’s camera on the Xbox One may not be a splendor marketing decision when it is not focused on gaming content, but maybe Microsoft is onto something new. I have personally already seen a few personal video blogs on Upload Studio as users choose to use their new High Definition Kinect Camera and stereo microphones to get the job done. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Upload Studio go in the direction of a “mini-YouTube” for Microsoft with various channels and collections of content?

Check out s video above and let us know what other uses you can imagine using the Xbox Kinect for. Lastly, Jace has kindly asked us to point you guys to his YouTube channel were he puts together his own personal array of music, you can find that by clicking here.

We hope everyone is having a great weekend and if you are bored, maybe you can make some Apple Nut Salad for your family’s next holiday meal.

Michael Archambault
  • How do you even record and get the video like on another device??
  • Save it to skydrive
  • What if you call yourself from laptop Skype to Xbox one Skype and record it?
  • You can only record games, so Skype wouldn't record.
  • You record on the laptop not xbox
  • Cool!!!!
  • Huh, this is really fantastic, Microsoft would be smart to quickly embrace and support this.
  • You go in to upload studio and just start a recording on Kinect. Check out my uploads I'm blackronin357. Nothing major, just goofing around.
  • Get Vimeo on this?
  • What a great idea. And Upload being a quasi-competitor to YouTube is a really neat notion, I like it! Does MS have a problem with vids like these uploaded to the service? Is this going to be taken down or anything? I hope not.
  • No. As long as it doesn't have offensive content. They have put content like this on the featured section before. In fact, this same exact video was featured. It's pretty old
  • It's a home entertainment console, warm welcome to such content:)
  • Except when he started snorting the cane lol
  • once Xbox one reaches other regions, we're going to have more content from other culture and arts. Sounds awesome!
  • This is awesome!  I love anything that could potential kill Google.
  • +720
  • +1
  • Cool AF!
  • Ok.. He just sniffed some sugar...