Toolkit Pro – a Swiss Army Knife of sorts for your Windows Phone

Toolkit Pro is from the developers of #1 Toolkit and delivers a slightly cleaner looking set of tools that could come in handy for just about everyone. The Windows Phone app pulls together sixteen tools (more if you count the sub-sets) that can come in handy on a daily basis.

You have tools for measurement, recording, conversion and even tools that will tap into your Windows Phone features. It is an attractive Windows Phone app based solely on its feature set but when you add that it's a free app, there is really no reason not to have Toolkit Pro tucked away in your Windows Phone app library.

The layout of Toolkit Pro falls in line with what you have with #1 Toolkit. You have two layout styles, panoramic or tile, that can be changed from up under the "three-dot" menu. Tile layout throws all your tools onto a 4x4 tile grid while the panoramic layout divides everything up by tool type.

Along with choosing your layout style, you can tap the "More…" link to view the app's About Screen, choose your theme colors, language, accent color and turn on/off your location services.

Toolkit Pro

The tools break down in this manner.

  • Meter: Ruler, Compass, Protractor and Level tools
  • Convenient: Flashlight, QR Code Reader, Vibration, Quick Settings
  • Math: Unit Conversion and Currency Conversion
  • Sound: Noise Meter and Recorder
  • Time: Timer, Stopwatch, World Clock, Speed Meter

Just tap on a tool and the interface is fairly straightforward but there are a few items of note for some of the tools.

  • The Compass has your traditional compass graphic and a map view that will include your compass bearings and graphic (nice touch).
  • The Quick Settings gives you access to seventeen Windows Phone settings that range from your Cellular+SIM settings to adding a Calendar appointment to launching your music file playback.
  • The Unit Converter has nine categories of units to convert that range from quantity to length to temperature and gobs of units within each.
  • The Currency Converter covers over 150 currencies and exchange rates.
  • The Speed Meter can be set to walking speeds as well as speeds traveled by car, boat or plane.

In using Toolkit Pro over the past few days, it comes across as a very attractive Windows Phone app to have tucked away in your library. You may not use every tool on a daily basis but as they say, "It's better to have and not need, than need and not have." I would like to see the ability to pin individual tools to your Windows Phone Start Screen but having to go under one roof to access these tools isn't the end of the world (See Note).

Toolkit Pro

I did have a few stability issues with a few of the tools while running Toolkit Pro from a Lumia 830. The app would crash when I launched the Currency Converter and Speed Meter with some regularity. I don't think this instability is a deal breaker and hopefully an issue the developer can address with an update.

All in all, Toolkit Pro picks up where #1 Toolkit left off by providing a healthy selection of tools you can use in your day to day life. The developer is working on additional tools to add to the mix and addressing the stability issues will make the Windows Phone app more appealing.

Toolkit Pro

If you have tried Toolkit Pro, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. And don't forget to rate your Windows Phone and Windows 10 titles in the respective Stores. It is an easy way to send the developers a little feedback on their works.

Note: As pointed out in one of the comments below, you can pin individual tools to your Windows Phone Start Screen. If you press/hold a tool tile in panorama style the tile will tilt forward revealing the option to 'pin to start'. In the grid style all you need to do is tap/hold on a tile and it will automatically be added to your Windows Phone Start Screen.

Download Toolkit Pro for Windows Phone

QR: Toolkit Pro

George Ponder

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  • Great app.
  • Yep. Been using the app since quite a while now. More than an year I guess. Its really handy.
  • Getting some error while installing on wp 8.1
  • Same on windows 10
  • Me too, say la vee. (didn't feel like looking up the proper spelling)
  • Store error! Please try again later...
  • Ha! Just paid to remove ads in #1 Toolkit last week on my 735 - previously used a code on the 928 but it neither transferred or worked by the time switched. Oh well, so it goes...
  • This happened to me as well. Paid for #1 toolkit, But that never got transferred when switched from wp8.1 to win10m. This happened to few other apps as well. Hence stopped buying apps in store for a while.
  • It has pin to start for all tools. Exactly like #toolkit all you have to to is to hold down on any icon;).
  • You are correct. Will make note of it in the post.
  • Is it any good?
  • It's a copy of #1 toolkit
  • Well, if you would read the article, you would have realised it is the same developer continuing with the app but more reliable on win 10;).
  • Not in my experience. #1 is still more stable. I uninstalled it.
  • I quite liked the tile you could pin to your start screen to lock the phone..
  • Yes that's good for people who don't have on screen nav bar. You can just double tap the on screen bar (between buttons) to lock your phone
  • How does it vary from #1 toolkit except for slight UI changes?
  • The developer still need more money, they make another app that so called specially made for W10 so user have to purchase ad-free service again.
  • ^This right here. The devs have a history of being greedy. I remember #1 toolkit used to be a paid app. For a day it appeared as free to reasonable fanfare from myAppFree and Windows Central. The very next day he gave everyone the gift of large ads and changed their pricing scheme to free with iap to remove them. Greedy devs that don't deserve your money.
  • The old group is broken up! Now I don't handle app #1toolkit anymore.
  • It's FREE with DONATION! please check again!
  • Is there a support page with terms and conditions for those who don't use Facebook?
  • I have it from wp7 version :)
    This dev deserves the max support, he really loves wp !!!
  • He deserves support for "not" updating his existing app to W10 and instead being gracious enough to let people buy what is virtually the same thing a second time? I have no idea why so many people support this dev.... seems shady to me. (Though I am aware that you make good apps, so your opinion matters more than most)
  • Sad to know..... This should not happen....
    I think there must be a reason why the dev changed the appid, but I bet he will send unlock codes to who owns the app...
  • The reason is that our app manager went away with our dev account since last year!
  • Taking that into account, last week I paid to remove ads in #1 Toolkit and now it force closes when I try to open it. Is there anything you can do on your end?
  • I can't handle that account. Please use this one instead, it's free!
  • Swiss?! Did they have army?
  • Look it up. Educate yourself.
  • >Swiss?! Did they have army? Is this an attempt at humor with out doing some homework ?  I'll admit I got a LOL out of this very dumb statement..
  • Actually there is another app named swissarmyknife with some same tool and extra
  • They have citizen army. They also guard the Pope in Rome.
  • Great app! It comes from Vietnam, my country.
  • Not a patch on #1. At least not in smoothness in Win10. Lags a lot.
  • Keeps giving me error when I try to dl on my 640 that is using w10 preview
  • Ruler wasn't compatible with my 1320's 6 inch display... Hope it will work now in this app
  • Yes, I will fix it soon
  • Using this app since three months, great app and excellent, just having problem with Speed Meter.. In my L730
  • Not free, in app purchace.... $0.99...
  • That is donation! It's depend on you.
  • What is the difference between #1toolkit and tool kit pro, other than UI.
  • get more frequent updates, more useful tools.
  • Error while installing 8103012e ??
  • To fix error 8103012e and manage to install the app, make sure   Language Region Regional format are ALL set to English (United States). After installing the app, you can switch back to whatever you had.
  • Please try to install on your phone (not SD card)
  • Downloading
  • It was already there
  • Everybody that's getting an error while installing, this app isn't installable on SD card, install it on the phone memory!
  • I tried installing on SD card on W10M and it worked
  • I have the free version on 8.1. It's really good. Use it frequently. I should pay to remove the ads.
  • Great app. Very useful
  • Works fine for me on L930. Only problem is the currency converter crashes. Rest of the tools work like a charm.
  • Those massive headers are *so* dated. They were stupid in WP7 and they look even worse now. The developer needs to shrink it so that it fits in a single screen. This will give more screen space to the options in the menus and will also get rid of that awful half on effect from the screenshots.
  • App is pretty good, but the developers are pretty scummy. I wouldn't support them.
  • Showing an error while installing on wp8.1
  • I can't download it.,
  • Install error. Several times.
  • Pathetic developer, my #1toolkit paid app got ads after an app update and the developer stopped supporting that app to push this slightly reskinned app.
    Windowscentral should stop supporting this developer and give other options in this category.
  • Who is the developer? On the WP app I'm using does not let me directly install it. On the store there is more than one toolkit pro. Looks like a cool app. I want to give it a go.
  • hi very googd article
  • great app user
  • Once installed and paid, it stopped working with weird error messages. Impossible to reinstall (WM10 / Lumia 950), it download, installs, then when the install bar reaches the end, it sends an error 0x8103012E Quite frustrating, as the free version was working perfectly.