Top hints, tips, and tricks to dominate with Ronin in Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is all about crushing the enemy under the mechanized feet of your Titan. Ronin, one of the six Titans, uses its mobility and broadsword to deal precise blows before escaping unharmed. Here's how to get the most out of Ronin.

Ronin's weapons and utilities

Ronin is a highly mobile Titan that must use its speed to attack and retreat — it has very low health and will almost always lose a head-to-head battle with another Titan. It does medium damage, but when used properly, can destroy other Titans quickly without taking any damage itself. Here is Ronin's default loadout:

  • Primary weapon: Leadwall is a shotgun that shoots a horizontal cluster of projectiles.
  • Offensive: Launch a wave of energy that slows down enemy Titans while also dealing damage.
  • Defensive: Use your sword to block incoming enemy projectiles.
  • Utility: Use phase shifters to enter a different dimension and quickly move in one direction.
  • Sword core: Your sword is electrified, dealing more damage and blocking more incoming projectiles.

Ronin also has five kits available to unlock that will tweak your loadout to best suit your playstyle:

  • Ricochet rounds: Your shotgun's rounds will bounce after hitting something, dealing damage to multiple targets in the area. Ricochet rounds are immediately available.
  • Thunderstorm: You can launch your arc wave twice. Unlocked at Titan-level 6 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Temporal anomaly: Your phase dash has a shorter recharge time, meaning you can use it more often. Unlocked at Titan-level 7 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Highlander: Any time you kill an enemy Titan, you'll get more time with your sword core. Unlocked at Titan-level 8 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Phase reflex: Ronin will phase away from danger when it receives critical damage.

How to use the Leadwall and sword core

Ronin's primary weapon, the Leadwall, is likely the weapon you'll use most. It is a beefed-up shotgun that fires a wide spread of projectiles. It only holds four rounds, so you want to reload often to ensure you don't get caught in the open with an empty gun. Projectiles sort of fizzle out after traveling a relatively short distance, so don't bother engaging targets unless they're close.

If you have the ricochet rounds kit enabled, your projectiles will bounce off of pretty much every surface — these projectiles are still hampered by a close range, and will not bounce once they start fizzling out.

The horizontal cluster of the projectiles is efficient at eliminating pilots and other enemy infantry.

Unlike the other Titans' cores that deal ranged damage, Ronin's sword core electrifies your broadsword. When enabled, your Leadwall shotgun disappears and is replaced by the sword — it deals way more damage and can block way more damage in its electrified state.

It takes quite awhile to build Ronin's core, so when you do have one built, work on getting behind the enemy and launching a surprise attack. Your sword will cut through enemies like they're butter. Alternatively, if you fall into an ambush and have a core built, enable it and use your sword to deflect damage as you escape. If you think you're doomed anyway, enable your core and go out swinging. If I'm going down, you're going with me!

The highlander kit, if enabled, extends the time your sword core is active anytime you destroy an enemy Titan. If you're playing Last Titan Standing, this is one of the best kits to use.

How to be successful as Ronin

If there's one thing Ronin is good at, it's flanking the enemy and causing general confusion on the battlefield. You'll outpace other Titans, especially if you have the turbo engine kit enabled, letting you decide where you want to fight. None of Ronin's attacks work at long range, so you must play strategically.

The arc wave sends forth a line of electricity that does pretty significant damage to enemy infantry and mild damage to Titans. The real beauty of arc wave is that it slows enemy Titans to a crawl for a few seconds when hit. If you've ever been on the receiving end of an arc wave, you understand how frustrating it is to watch a Ronin cut you to pieces while you try to slowly turn and get away.

Unlike the defensive abilities of other Titans, the sword block has no power bar or cooldown period. You can walk around all you want with your sword out in front of you.

To make up for this ability, the sword will not block all damage like Scorch's thermal shield. It's best used as a temporary fix for a bad situation — keep your sword out and stay facing the enemy as you move for cover.

Phase dash

Your phase dash is an incredibly important tool. It works the same as a regular dash in that you will speed toward whichever direction you were headed, but you also enter a different dimension for a short time where no enemies can harm you. Use phase dash to get behind a Titan, hit it with an arc wave so that it can't quickly turn, and start hacking away with your sword.

Due to the small magazine on the Leadwall, you'll find yourself reloading quite a bit. If you're engaging an enemy and run out of ammo, entering phase dash will let you reload and find cover simultaneously.

Be careful when using phase dash, as your Ronin will explode if you come back to the regular dimension while touching another Titan.

Your time with Ronin

Is Ronin your favorite Titan? How long did it take to get used to the playstyle? Let us know in the comments section!

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