Torchbear for Windows Phone updated to version 1.4

Torchbear, the popular social location based game for your Windows Phone, has been updated. Version 1.4 allows users to exchange with at least three of the nearest torches with no distance limitations. For those not familiar with Torchbear, you create a torch that is passed around from player to player to see who's torch travels the furthest. A torch is a message with a mission and purpose. For example, your favorite dessert is chocolate cream pie and you want to have others share what their favorite dessert is.

Other changes that come along with version 1.4 include:

  • Total Distance now displayed in the player summary screen
  • Players receive one point for unique torch exchanges greater than 10 miles
  • Maps now autozoom to show all torch positions
  • A menu option has been added to "Tell a Friend" about torchbear

You also have the customary minor bug fixes and game flow changes to improve the experience. Torchbear is a free application and does require member registration (free) to participate in the game.

You can grab your copy of Torchbear here at the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Torchbear

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  • Actually grabbed a torch the other day.  Saw it was 12 miles from me so I drove the extra couple of miles out of the way on my way to work to get it.  I did have to wait for it to auto-hand off as I guess the other use wasn't aware maybe?  Nonetheless, it was pretty cool.  I hope to get more going. :D
  • ...this really is a great, fun, app, and I see it's Featured again in the ...i'm a WP7! Member Apps area! Good for them!
  • Still no Mango. Wow.
  • @J4rrod - we adding Mango support in the next release.
  • That's good. Btw I was one of your beta testers, @J4rrod on Twitter, lol.
  • I love this game. Just carried a torch from Nottingham to London. Go me!
  • No distance limitations!? I downloaded this app on day one, but deleted it a month or so later because the nearest torch was always more than 100 miles away. 
    Time for me to try again!