Toshiba reveals 2-in-1 convertible Satellite Radius 11 Windows 8.1 PC for $329.99

Toshiba will begin selling a budget priced Windows 8.1 convertible PC, the Satellite Radius 11, on October 26 in the US, with its price point starting at $329.99.

Like the Windows PCs in Lenovo's Yoga line, the Satellite Radius 11 includes a hinge that allows the display to be flipped 360 degrees so that users can access it as a tablet and then flip it again so it will serve as a notebook. It weights less than three pounds.Customers can choose to put in either Intel's Pentium or Celeron processor inside the Satellite Radius 11. The 11.6 inch display has a resolution of 1366x768.

The device can have up to 4GB of RAM inside and customers can choose to go for the faster but smaller 32GB Flash drive or the larger but slower 500GB hard drive for storage. What do you think of this budget priced Windows 8.1 convertible?

Source: Toshiba via WinBeta

John Callaham
  • Not too shabby for $330
  • Looking good
  • Already have a Toshiba Windows 8.1 laptop.
    Very great device.
  • Very poor support from Toshiba... Hate Toshiba Satellites... :(
  • i choose always between dell and vaio
  • Looks good....bring it to india
  • No
  • Every post has these type of comments... Please in India, when In India... Oohh! Wait a minute. I am an Indian :p, please bring it to India
  • Any SD storage capability if i choose the 32GB internal flash?
  • Yes the source says it has a SD slot
  • Where can I steal, these convertible devices. So in love with em.
  • Not bad at all. Might have to get a couple. Wonder about battery life as these could be used in tablet mode for road trips.
  • Come to Pakistan please
  • Toshiba doesn't have support/warranty for Pakistan anyways... Better chose Dell or hp.
  • Nice. Windows is going to make its mark in the tablet space this holiday season forward!
  • Only Pentium or Celeron processor? Will be slow
  • Thinking the same...
  • The Haswell pentiums and celeron class chips have come a looooong way. These are much faster than Atoms SoC
  • Slow and expensive!
  • On a side note. Opera Mini Beta was updated this morning.
  • looks nice
  • For this price point seems ok. Wonder how it would compare to the (now) old Lenovo Yoga...
  • Very intriguing indeed...
  • I have a Dell convertible for school. Love it.
  • Attack of the Yoga clones!
  • I think it should be a tablet with 10.5" 1k screen, Atom cherry trail, 4GB of RAM and 64GB card with SD card. And design wise it should be a tablet first and then have an optional keyboard. Thank You. I wish someone will do this.
  • On the side note this is why I think Blackberry should Turn Windows.
  • Looks like a copy of the Lenovo yoga
  • Computers getting smaller faster cheaper good for PC industry and consumers
  • Slow? Well ... If performance is your thing, you should get the core-ix ones. Current generation of Celeron (J1x00 & N1xxx) and Pentium (J2x00 & N2xxx) are originated from Bay Trail (we can assume them as bay trail power up, CMIIW). While they aren't as powerful as core-ix ones, they are still more capable than Z37xx type.
  • Nice, I'm assuming its touch screen