Touch Pro 2 Case Alternatives

So, you are now the proud owner of an HTC Touch Pro 2 (or Tilt 2 for AT&T customers) and are in need of a case. As with any new item just hitting the market, accessories can be hard to find at first.

While there are a few cases on the market sized for the new HTC Touch Pro 2/Tilt 2, the selection is thin. We took a look at some of the cases in the WMExperts Store that are large enough for the Touch Pro 2 and came up with four recommendations that might hold you over until other cases hit the shelves.

Follow the break to see what we've come up with.

We started with cases for the AT&T Fuze and original Tilt. Some simply were too tight (e.g. Sena Vertical Pouch) or the flap not large enough to securely seat the larger HTC phone (e.g. Body Glove Landmark) inside. Here are the four cases we found to fit the Tilt 2 the best and, as close as they are in size, should fit the other Touch Pro 2 models.

Prima Lateral Pouch

The Prima Lateral Pouch the Tilt 2 like a glove. The case is well-built and has a large flap to hold the Touch Pro 2 or Tilt 2 securely in place. We reviewed the Prima case some time ago with the Fuze and came to the same conclusion in using this case with the Tilt 2. The biggest drawback rests with the belt hook in that it rises considerably above the case and makes the case ride a little uncomfortably on the belt.

Smartphone Experts P7 Side Pouch

When we first took a look at the Smartphone Experts P7 Side Pouch with the AT&T Fuze, we noted a little wiggle room in the case.  This wiggle room allowed the Tilt 2 to fit into the case nicely. Two concerns come to mind in using the P7 with the Touch Pro 2 models.  First, as we noted in the P7's review the case doesn't have any padding to it, which may be a concern to some. Second, the flap is a little on the narrow side, exposing a considerable amount of the Tilt 2's corners.

The case has a narrower feel to it than the other cases I've tried and with weather getting cooler and jackets becoming more popular, the lack of padding and exposed corners may not be that big an issue.  The slender profile this case offers allows it to ride beneath a jacket without creating too much bulk.

Golla Case

Golla makes an interesting case that's large enough to accommodate the Touch Pro 2. The Golla Cases come in an assortment of styles, colors and fabrics that range from the conservative black to the colorful floral patterns. The only drawback may be that these cases have belt loops as opposed to belt hooks. We've reviewed the Golla case line before and found them to be quality cases but not necessarily suited for everyone's tastes.

Smartphone Experts Side Pouch

As with the SPE P7, the Smartphone Experts Side Pouch for the AT&T Fuze has just enough wiggle room to accommodate the larger Touch Pro 2 models. We've taken a look at this case with the BlackJack II and found it to be well constructed comfortable case. The flap is large enough to keep the Tilt 2 securely in place and the sides of the case protects the edges of the Windows phone nicely.

I'm sure there are other cases that will accommodate the Touch Pro 2 models and as new cases hit the market, we will try to offer up as many reviews as possible.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Do these have a magnetic clasp? I tried a bunch of cases and the magnetic ones turned on my TP2 when I put it in because of the stylus sensor.
  • There's a registry hack on XDA developers that will stop the phone from turning on in a magnetic case. It also disables the slide-keyboard-to-wake-device feature though.
  • Seidio Innocases are now available. These cases can holsters are the best around. I had one for my blackberry and saved its life several times. They are not one here yet so go to...
  • Just ordered up my Innocase+Holster. This should solve two problems for me ... First that magnet in the hip case waking the phone thing (and keep my open keyboard to wake phone function). Second, I find the Telus clear case armour I have on my TP2 tends to make the phone want to slip out of my hand (which equals drops++). I'm suspecting I'll be much happier with that rubberized finish. My old HTC Touch had a lanyard attachment that I loved for walking and typing or camera stuff but no such luck on the TP2.
  • The Executive Leather Sidecase, sold here, works well. If you're looking for a vertical case, the one by Fortte for the Cingular 8525 is perfect. And the Seidio Innocase holster for the Treo Pro with the Innocase on (not the regular spring clip holster for the bare phone) fits perfectly, as well.
  • Re: magnetic clasps, both the NiteIze & Fortte cases have magnetic clasps. Neither one has created an issue. From the reports I've seen, there are two factors to the problem: strength of the magnet & proximity to the usb port area. I've seen the NiteIze case wake my Tilt 2, but only if I'm removing the phone & it's moving forward as I pull it up so that the usb port passes the magnet. No such issue when I put the phone in the case or pull it out strait up. And no issue with the Fortte case -- guess the magnet's strong enough to clasp, but not strong enough to wake up the phone.
  • The PDA Skins Hybrid PDA Case looks interesting. Has anyone tried that one for the HTC Touch Pro 2?
  • Keep in mind that the NiteIze Executive Leather case is Blackberry "ready" and has the extra magnets in the lining (similar to the Ecolife cases). I'm finding that the magnet issue varies from case to case with the Blackberry "ready" cases (obviously) being more apt to wake up your TP2. Most other cases will only wake up your TP2 when the USB port comes into direct contact with the magnet. I've been using the SPE P7 and the Naztech case for the past few weeks and haven't had an issue with the magnetic flaps.
  • What I'd really like to see is a reporter-style case (flipping open in 'portrait' mode for quick access), with some clever-clever copper-beryllium or similar thin bands running between the display top and keyboard bottom so that the case essentially 'hung' from the display and allowed the keyboard to be used and the stylus removed and replaced with the case attached. The top cover flap would cover the bottom corners when closed, but leave the USB/minijack area exposed for uninterrupted headphone/tether attachment. For my 'eggs in my beer' and 'peeled grape' wishes, the bottom/back case would have a double-flap like a hunter-style pocket watch, allowing the speakers and camera lens to be exposed and used without removing the case. I can dream....