Touch Pro to Hit Verizon Nov 24th, Stores Dec 1st?

Looks like Verizon will join Sprint and AT&T in offering HTC's latest and greatest, the Touch Pro. Engadget Mobile snagged the internal document detailing a November 24th launch and December 1st store-availability. The price will be steep at $350 after all the mail-in rebates and a 2 year contract.

Phonenews has the launch date and price set the same. They're pegging the RAM (though they list it as ROM) at 192MB, which is the only difference we can see, spec-wise, from the Sprint model. It seems a little odd to us that HTC would make two different CDMA versions of the Touch Pro, but that's the latest info out there right now. The processor is not “crippled,” as we told you before, hopefully this 192mb spec will turn out to be false as well.

WC Staff