WMExperts Podcast 38

We're back! Verizon's many phones, saving GPS on WinMo, and Video Driver Redux. Listen in!

...One quick programming note -- Microsoft is flying Dieter off to Seattle to join a whole slew of folks at the Mobius Conference this week. Much (most?) of it will be under NDA, but I'll be posting info as I can here and (more so) via our Twitter feed. Be kind to the rest of the WME team as they hold down the fort this week and keep on eye on our Twitter feed!


How To and Software


Thanks to Sunshine, Justin, and Dan!

Some notes:

Proof that I imagined the 'Roteo“ independently:

You know what, forget a slider. It just.. the screen is on a 'thing' and it just 'fuu-jip!' flips horizontal to reveal the keyboard. Whatever that Verizon phone is [it's the LG VX940] where you 'fuu-jip' to flip it open to give it a landscape view and access the keyboard -- I want that.

Qix -- a great launcher app that you can't easily download yourself. Notrock at PPCGeeks ripped a version from the Telus Touch Pro ROM. Only tested on the Fuze and the Touch Pro.


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