Touch Pro on Telus - hope you've been saving up

It's bad enough that three-year contracts are the norm up in Canada. Now comes word that the HTC Touch Pro will still cost $299.99 — even with the full subsidy from Telus.

The prices keep going up (obviously) if you're not willing to indebt yourself to the carrier for the full 1,095 days. You'll be looking at $549.99 for a two-year plan, $599.99 for a one-year deal and $649.99 sans contract.

The Touch Pro is a sexy device, no doubt. Check out Dieter's hands-on video here. But the $300, two-year deal in the U.S. is much easier on the stomach than what our friends to the north have to endure. And if I were in Canada and had $550 burning a hole in my pocket, I might just hold out for an unlocked Treo Pro to arrive.

Mobile Syrup via WindowsMobileCool

WC Staff