TouchMousePointer gives you a virtual trackpad for your Windows tablet

Small icons and menus with rollover effects are a couple of things that Windows tablet users can have difficulties with. There's a free solution that can help and it's called TouchMousePointer. It's a virtual trackpad on your screen. It's especially helpful when you're in desktop mode on Windows 8.1 navigating through the control panel or Internet Explorer settings. It also works with Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Want to see it in action? Check out our hands-on video.

TouchMousePointer clings to the right side of the screen by default. You can change it to a resizable floating window too. We recommend letting the app place its icon in the taskbar. This makes it quicker to enable or disable the trackpad.

After installation, you'll want to play with the settings to change the actions to your preference. TouchMousePointer supports single-tap, double-tap, two-finger, three-finger, and four-finger gestures. You can also change the transparency.

You can also bring up an assist pad, which is another window that lets you simulate pressing the shift, alt, and ctrl buttons. I've assigned this to three-finger tap. The assist pad shows up at the bottom left corner of the screen. This can be useful when selecting multiple items in file explorer or a list.

I've installed TouchMousePointer on both the Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Preview and the HP Stream 7 running Windows 8.1. I haven't noticed any issues so far. I don't need it as much on the Surface Pro 3 because the bigger display makes it a little easier to tap on smaller icons or menu items. Even on the smaller HP Stream 7, I don't need to use it unless I need to change some settings in desktop mode. It's a nice little tool to have just in case.

TouchMousePointer is a free download. Give it a try and let us know if you like it.

Download TouchMousePointer for Windows 8.1 (Free)

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • I've been using this for a while now. It is super handy. Full Screen mode is the best in my opinion. I use it on my SP3 and my Lenovo AIO. It is awesome!
  • Yep, I agree, Full Screen mode, I've got the opacity set at 30% so I'm reminded that its running and available.
  • Lawl i have a non touch laptop.. XD would be so usefull to move ny pointer with a virtual touchpad while i move that same pointer with my physical touhpad x{D
  • This is perfect! Microsoft should buy this and include it in windows 10. If it wasn't free I would be willing to pay $20 or $30 for it. I no longer need a travel mouse for Excel.
  • What happen when you want to to move the pointer to an area occupied by it?
  • Total protonic reversal.
  • Total what???
  • Don't look into the trap!
  • I think this is a Ghostbusters reference right? If they cross streams? I lol'd pretty good at this one.
  • LOL!!
  • Awesome!  (Who ya gonna call?)
  • To actually answer your question though: If you use it in Full Screen mode, the entire screen becomes the trackpad, and the mouse pointer does have accelleration / speed settings so you can simply touch on a part of the screen you don't need for that action and simply move the pointer where you need it. You can try it in about 30 secs worth of effort, so recommend you just download & see for yourself.  Its very good, I use it when my bluetooth mouse isn't nearby/not available...
  • Thank you!!!
  • it is float you can move it to another space! then use it again!
  • This should be integrated in Win10
  • Agreed. Microsoft should borrow this
  • Or buy it. Seems like they've been buying up a lot of stuff lately. Would seriously be a great addition.
  • Hell it should've been something for metro remote desktop
  • This and Mouse Without Borders should be fully integrated into W10
  • Why do they never do something with a cool view, it looks awful. Microsoft needs to hire good designers. By the way, this idea is cool but the design is awful.
  • Microsoft didn't make the app
  • awesome thing. so awesome that actually ms should have thought about it.
  • Microsoft only thought about it for the Remote Desktop App, which males your whole screen a virtual track pad with the press of one button. They should use it for the local session too. It would be great.
  • The RDP on the phone application works so awesome like this, so yea... just put this into the OS all the time!
  • Ironically the settings dialog is not touch friendly. Good luck fixing broken settings ;-)
  • I've had this software installed on my Surface for a while and it never dawned on me to install it on my Dell Venue Pro 8. I don't use it often on my Surface though, so it may not be as useful as I believed it to be.
  • An on-screen pointer controller is a tremendous idea--at least until we can hover a finger over the screen to manipulate the "mouse" pointer. I'll get it.
  • So, I guess no love for my Surface RT. KHAAAN!
  • Nope, mine either, but working great on our Stream 7's.
  • Not new in any way. Been using it for a while.
  • This is awesome!  I love it!  I was just thinking recently that using a desktop in tablet mode sucks!  No RT?  awwww
  • So cool!
  • Hey mark, why didn't you use the track pad in full screen mode? It's more beautiful and it doesn't steal space from your screen..
  • thanx for this tip! this tool is super super handy for my 8" Eve tablet!! this is a must-have!
  • This could be huge for a VMware environment that doesn't have touch support. Running android x86 was pointless without a way to control the guest cursor.
  • nice app!  
  • That's frekkin cool! :)
  • Awesome!
  • integrate that in win10!! :)
  • Yeah, I hope they integrate this into Windows.
  • the RDP app has a much better implementation of the touch pointer on screen, would be nice to be able to enable it on the desktop
  • Finally someone writes about this nifty utility I found about a year ago when Windows 8 was still hopelessly terrible
  • i downloadd it and tried it out after about 5min i decided the $5 donation was well worth the extra features. thank you for writing this post.
  • Microsoft surface pro x should have this built into the border around the screen especially for windows 10. It would be super handy for using it in tablet mode since I hold it in landscape mode and my thumb would be able to navigate simply swiping on the border and not needing to awkwardly stretch my thumb out, at least for scrolling so I could scroll without my thumb covering the screen. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • The background image makes it look like the screen is broken. :)
  • Maybe Microsoft will allow you to replace it with your own image. Would be cool.
  • Sometimes it'd be handy on my phone too. Some web sites with roll over are just unusable...
  • The Yahoo fantasy basketball site is horrible for touch
  • Great tip. Thanks.
  • "Your tablet will love you for installing this app". [....TrouchMousePointer]. Please Windows Central, let's keep such statements to the comments section shall we, and not to your website banner of the referred blog article.
  • Cool. I think its useful for the desktop.
  • so fucking necssary
  • Mark Guim...YOU ROCK!! this simple app is fricking AWESOME!  I loaded it on my Asus 8" tablet and it is like having a whole new piece of equipment.  Liked it so much that I then loaded it on my SP3 for times when I don't have the type keyboard or my Logitech k810 keyboard/Logitech Ultrathin Mouse combination. This is just an absolutely great find! Thanks for sharing this with us...and can't wait to get more from you!
  • Thanks for the heads up on this app.  Really comes in handy on my Stream 8.  It "streams" better now. 
  • does it support middle mouse button?
  • What a nifty tool!
  • Took a while for you guys to pick up on this.