'Tower of Time' beta brings dungeon-crawling action to Xbox One Insiders

What you need to know

  • Tower of Time is now available for Xbox One Insiders to test.
  • The game is a dungeon crawler that lets you carefully plan and set up your attacks.
  • Xbox Insiders will be able to test the game from today through October 7.

Xbox One Insiders can get an early look at Tower of Time, a dungeon crawler that lets players explore a fantasy world. The beta test takes place from today through October 7, and developer Event Horizon is challenging players to get as far as they can throughout the beta period.

One of the main features of Tower of Time is the ability for players to quickly pause time and plan out their attacks. "Take down enemies by slowing or pausing time; position your party advantageously, and you'll set off a chain of spells and attacks to counter your enemies," Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the beta. "Each level is played like a puzzle, and this game allows players a chance to find the playstyle and difficulty that works best for them."

Tower of Time is now available for Xbox Insiders to download and dive into. To get started, you can head to the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One, then select Tower of Time from the "Insider Content" section. Select "Join" and you'll be able to download the game and get started.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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