Tracking Borderlands Shift Codes with the Windows Phone app BdlPre Shift Codes

Now and then an app will hit the Windows Phone Store while we here at Windows Central are looking the other way. BdlPre Shift is one such Windows Phone app that was released last fall and is an app that allows you to track any Borderlands Shift Codes as they are released.

For who are not familiar with Borderlands, it is a vastly popular video game series that is available on a variety of platforms such Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 3 consoles. Loosely described, the game is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi styled first person shooter. The games are full of colorful, charismatic character and highly addictive.

The Shift Codes are released by the developer and unlock keys that can be used in the game to unlock special weapons and power-ups for your character to stomp some butt with.

BdlPre Shift Codes will monitor the release of these codes (typically done via Twitter) and pull them all together on your Windows Phone. You can sort through the codes based on platform, and the listing will generally list how many keys the code is worth and when the code is due to expire.

BdlPre Shift Codes

BdlPre Shift Codes only lists codes that can be used with the Borderlands Pre-Sequel installment of the gaming series. So if you are playing the original game or Borderlands 2, these codes will not do you any good.

It is a simple Windows Phone app but does make it convenient to keep track of Shift Codes as they become available. It is definitely better than the paper and pencil method.

Now if we could only get an official Borderlands game for Windows Phone…

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