Trade in your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and get $100 in Microsoft Store credit

Thinking of picking up an Xbox One, but it is just a bit too expensive? Well, you might just be in luck – Microsoft wants to help you out and give you $100 in Microsoft Store credit when you trade in one of your existing game consoles. What could be a better way of clearing a space for your Xbox One than getting $100?

The limited time promotion allows consumers to bring in their existing Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox 360 E (the latest generation of Xbox 360 console), or even a Sony PlayStation 3 to receive the $100 credit. Unfortunately if you have the original Xbox 360 or Nintendo’s Wii/WiiU – you aren’t welcome to participate.

Microsoft is well aware that their Xbox One gaming console is priced $100 more than their fiercest competitor, Sony’s PlayStation 4, and they want to attempt to level the playing field. Unfortunately, the Xbox One’s biggest differentiator, Kinect, is also the console’s downfall in terms of pricing. In order to include the Kinect with all Xbox One units and establish Microsoft’s dominance in motion sensor gaming, it boosts the price $100 above the PlayStation 4.

The promotion is currently running and will be available until March 2, 2014 or “while supplies last”. You can take part in the trade up program by visiting stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada. In addition, there are a few conditions for your gaming console; the unit must be fully functional without broken or missing components, it may not be cracked or have liquid damage, password protection must be removed, and it must include the original charger and accessories.

The value of the deal really comes down to whether or not you would rather just sell your console on eBay; a quick search shows that the Xbox 360 E without any cables or accessories sells for $130 on its own.

What do you think of Microsoft’s trade in program – worth it or not?

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Michael Archambault
  • Definitely worth it.
  • Really? I don't think my gears of war limited edition 250gb Xbox 360 cost only 100$
  • i agree, i have halo 4 320gb edition of xbox 360 and i bought it for 330€
  • Once it's out of the box, any and all limited edition consoles lose their value. Unless you want to hold onto it for the next 20-30 years, its worth about the same amount as a regular Xbox 360 console.
  • Well you can hang onto it as a souvenir then lol
  • Souvenir? Bro 360 is still good for another 2 years and its only new content, and since One not backwards compatible, it worth a lot until at least they port all the big games
  • Not at all. $200, maybe.
  • Maybe if the new consoles were backwards compatible.
  • This
  • Totally agree. My Xbox One sits dormant, while I continue to play my 360. At least I could feel like I didn't completely waste my money if I could use it to play 360 titles. Its not really the console's fault either. Forza 5 is disappointing, and for me Ghosts is the worst CoD ever. So, my One patiently waits for Titanfall, so it can be turned on.
  • how about all the games you own? 100$? ;) they should give it for free. games are so expensive it would still be a good deal for MS ;) I've payed like 400$ for my console, and at least another 400$ for games. 100$ to spend another 450$ and have no games is a joke :)
  • Got my Xbox One pre-order for 230€ when brought my PS3 slim with 1tb hdd :p Was an awesome offer by GameStop (Finland), though now I just have to wait 'n wait till it comes to Finland..
  • With original charger? What charger? I suppose that's a reference to the cable for the PS3 controller? Because no Xbox 360 I've ever purchased came with a "charger".
  • Power supply
  • I called their support to ask about this, the guy had no idea what I was talking about. Lol
  • That's normal. Last time I called Microsoft prior to the launch date of the new type covers I had to instruct the representative on Microsofts own
  • Really not worth it for most. If you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 in working condition will all original working cables and chargers, as well as not having a damaged console, you can sell it for more on ebay. It's only worth it if you don't care about selling your console online or too lazy to do so.
  • But do they take consoles in non-working condition?
  • how would they play on them later? :P
  • It's way too hard for me to part with my older consoles I still have me Super NES which I do play a few times a year so I won't be trading in my Xbox or ps3
  • Same here. I still regret selling my SNES when I was a teenager. It was my first and last sale for my eBay "business". Lol.
  • Nope... Can't play 360 (and original XBox) on the One.
  • Really wish I traded in my first gen 360 for $100 at Best Buy last November to put toward a newer 360, but couldn't justify buying that at the time when I was already getting a One.  First World Problems, I know.
  • If the One allowed me to get digital copies of my current 360 games and stream them to it, I'd do this for sure. However, since it doesn't - and PS4 announced they're going to, MS won't get me to upgrade any time soon. Going to be playing catch-up again, Microsoft.
  • Meh. No interest in streaming, I hung on to my 360 for 360 gaming, One is for next-gen. The streaming thing is just a gimmick to claim "backwards compatibility".
  • or to not have two freakin' Kinect sensors hanging out of my wall. Or two boxes in my entertainment center. Or a myriad of controllers laying around.
  • "myriad" doesn't get "of"
  • Thanks, grammar police, but it can be used in either way.
  • Huh? Who says "A myriad controllers"?
  • Rubbish offer. The 360 is worth $200+
  • Ewww never. I love my ps3. Plus I already bought the xbone haha but I'll never get rid of my ps3!
  • My PS3 is worth more than a $100. So no thanks...
  • You could maybe get more by other means... EBay, Craig's List, etc...
  • Not worth it, keep it for the one is limited with games. I'll 2 years before I get One and I'm keeping my 360 too!
  • They've got to add a windows media center extender app, or can't ever see one of these in my house...or at least add the ability to watch live tv via network tuner.
  • Oh well. I'll keep my trusty orig 360 then.
  • Not worth it and I have 2 360s (only one eligible) and a PS3.  Sooner or later Games w/ Gold will give me something I care about and while i'm waiting I can go through all the goodies PS+ is giving me.
  • Or keep your console and buy the PS4 for the same price.
  • I have been wanting to trade in my PS3 for XBox One but I dont think I would be getting a fair return for what I have. 320GB PS3 Slim, 2 controllers, PS Move w/ 2 controllers, Turtle Beach headset, about 15 games including FIFA14, GT6 which I just got...$100 is more than EB Games will give though, from what I found online, they will only pay $80 for PS3/360.
  • sell that stuff separately dude. It's the only wa to get mo money for it.
  • LOL why not just make it $100 cheaper?
  • Because MS wants you buying XBOX One games and not thinking "uh, this game is cheaper on my old console".
  • I'd rather smash my Xbox 360 to pieces for free.
  • Yesterday I finally was able to have news on a release date for the Xbox one in Portugal, October 2014!! Almost an entire YEAR after official launch. Oh well, I guess I'm also winning 100 dollars, only it's by buying the PS4.
  • Can anyone tell me if 360 games can be played on XBox One? Meaning... Can I put my Call of Duty Black Ops II disc into the One and play it as I would on my 360?
  • The Xbox One is not backwards compatible, no.
  • Well, it's a good thing I'm happy with my WiiU then! :)
  • Can't I just trade my ps3 for a 360 or an Xbox one? That sounds more appealing.
  • Sorry Microsoft but I won't give you my PS3 for an Xbox One. (I wouldn't exchange it for a PS4 either, btw.)
  • Yeah I think I'll hang on to my PS3 until it dies on me. Don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.
  • Bah, my first Gen 360 is still worthless to everyone but me :)
  • I wasn't going to get an Xbox One just yet, but I might pull the trigger on this.  I have an extra 360 E 4GB still in the box and I think the eBay value wouldn't be too much higher than $100 since most people want the 250 GB.  If I'm wrong let me know. Edit- It looks like vendors are selling for $179 and auction is $98 with three days left.  Maybe it would be better to sell it privately.
  • A working Gen 1 360 is a rarity
  • I'm certain in the future Microsoft are going to add 360 titles as downloadable games for the xbox one. When this happens, I hope Microsoft has a program like this where you can trade in your xbox 360 games for a digital version of them for the xbox one. And that they make it available in Australia!
  • You're allowed to dream...cause that right there...aint gonna happen. It's more possible if you have digital versions that they would transfer, not physical. Even so, SONY has been mum when asked about that for the PS4. I doubt MS would be any more generous.
  • how did i guess this would not be available in Europe!...
  • hmmmm.... anyone have some old consoles I can 'borrow'? I need to get me a 1520! Surely a worthy cause!
  • This sucks I have a day one 360 that, by some miracle, has not managed to red ring or die on me but i cant take advantage of the $100 offer! Thats lame a 360 is a 360
  • Are they giving out free Xboxs one,i really want one so bad!!
  • Trade xbox 360 train in the Xbox 360 58trading in a xbox 360 4 ba da ba da