Acer S7

Microsoft is currently running a buy back scheme in partnership with Clover Wireless, enabling consumers to trade in their old hardware for funds after purchasing a product running Windows. If you've recently bought a new Pc or Windows Phone and want to get rid of the old tech, this program will pocket you some funds in return to sending the products in. Microsoft is accepting products from top brands and is seeking not only personal computers, but also tablets and smartphones too.

Microsoft Surface BuyBack

With new hardware slated for release this year, now is an ideal time for consumers to commence saving for the next hot piece of kit. But this is a great scheme to reward loyalty and also to welcome new consumers to Microsoft's ecosystem. It's also better than leaving the device in a box. Interested in finding out how much your old devices are worth? Get a free quote over on the Microsoft Buy Back website. Please note that this scheme is for those who have actually bought Microsoft products.

Source: Microsoft, via: Rafael Rivera (Twitter)