Trade in your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, get $175 off on the price of an Xbox One

If you've got a regular Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the retailer is offering a $75 coupon that can be used to purchase the Xbox One. Those with a working Xbox 360 250GB or PlayStation 3 Slim get an additional $100 gift card. The offer is valid in-store, and runs through June 20:

Valid 6/14/15-6/20/15. In store only. Trade in any working Xbox 360 or PS3 console and receive a $75 coupon towards a Xbox One Console. Trade in a working Xbox 360 250GB® or Sony PlayStation® 3 Slim and receive a minimum $100 gift card. Not available in all locations and some stores may have additional limitations. Console must include AC adapter/power cord, power on, not be damaged or have its warranty seal broken to be considered working.

Those looking to switch to Microsoft's latest console will be glad to know that the 1TB version of the Xbox One is currently on pre-order as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle for $399.

Xbox One trade-in deal at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • I'd rather sell my ps3 myself and get more
  • True story
  • Who would pay over $175 for a used PS3?
  • It's minimum $100 gift card for ps3 not $175
  • This is a great deal for those considering the Xbox one.  Ps3's are selling for $150 and below locally in my area.
  • Nice!
  • Exchange offers are not better , they often give less advantage.... Everyone would trade them on their own and buy new products
  • This one actually would be a good deal, if true. But I don't think they're additive as the article presents it. A quick search on eBay turns up several deals for 250GB Xbox 360 in the $140 range. Seems unlikely that Best Buy is going to pay $175.
  • That's actually what you're going to get if the consode is a ps3 slim or 250GB xbox 360.  You get a flat $75 credit towards an Xbox One and a MINIMUM of $100 gift card to purchase anything you want if your system is one of the two versions mentioned. This actually works pretty well in BestBuy's favor also.  They get whatever profits from the new Xbox One sale and then resell these old consoles on their sister site Cowboom to make additional money.
  • I would trade my PS3 in a heartbeat as it's only ever gathered dust (I have 1 game for it, and really don't care about the platform). They would have to pluck my Xbox 360 out of my cold, dead, hands though!
  • Which PS3 is it? some PS3s have an automatic built in hoover which allow you to clean out the dust without needing to do it all yourself. :)   every few months or so it's recommend to plan a schdule of cleaning the console of dust to improve performance. All you need to do is turn off the ps3, take the power cable out, hold down the power button and keep holding it while you put the power cable back in keep holding it down until you hear loud "whooshing". This is the fan spinning around blowing air to clean the insider of your console. To help more i can post a video with instructions! This little trick works on my fat PS3 80GB. When using the PS3 make sure you don't clog up the vents when in regular use to prevent it from over heating.
  • Haha thanks? I was only joking as "it's only gathering dust" just means I don't use it at all... it's not literally full of dust (well maybe a little, but it's not filled with it! haha)
  • I wonder what happens to the Xbox360s? I am watching Ebay for another one so we can expand our family's whole house Windows Media Center (WMC) We need to extend live and recorded, over the air (OTA) and cable (encrypted) TV and movies to another room in the house.
  • Crickey, you could buy a second hand 250GB XB360 for less than 175 in Oz, that deal is awesome.
  • Does anyone know if you have to use the gift card towards a console?
  • If you want to buy anything else with it you'd be better off selling it privately and you'd easily get more money than they're offering
  • It's $75 credit towards a new Xbox One.  $100 gift card to use whatever you want.  Unless you don't want the hassle of finding a buyer, like schlubadub mentioned you're better off selling privately.
  • Not controllers needed while trading @ BB? OK, that works for those interested I suppose.
  • I'm confused. The title says $175 but the article says $75 for ANY system OR $100 for the 250GB Slim versions. It's one or the other it appears depending on your model.
  • The article says that you get an additional $100 if you have the more recent version.
  • BestBuy's presser doesn't say that It's "additional". This needs clarification.
  • Hey Mauler - I was confused too. I called my local BestBuy and they are offering the trade up program. I was told if I have a working 250gb Xbox 360, I would get a $75 certificate to apply to an Xbox One plus at least $100 in-store gift card that can be used for anything in the store including Xbox One for a total discount of $175. The rep told me to bring in anythign Xbox 360 related and they'll add more to the credit; ie: controllers, games, etc.
  • Agreed. The text from Best Buy's website states: Valid 6/14/15-6/20/15. In store only. Trade in any working Xbox 360 or PS3 console and receive a $75 coupon towards a Xbox One Console. Trade in a working Xbox 360 250GB® or Sony PlayStation® 3 Slim and receive a minimum $100 gift card. Not available in all locations and some stores may have additional limitations. Console must include AC adapter/power cord, power on, not be damaged or have its warranty seal broken to be considered working. Not compatible with other trade-in offers. You are required to agree to the Terms & Conditions. No Dealers. Limit of 1 trade per person. See a Customer Specialist or for details. Nowhere does it say you get an extra $100, it just says minimum $100 for the 250gb version. I suppose $175 is still a possibility, but it's certainly not obvious in the mouse type.
  • True, they need to put "Additional" in the wording.  But this is the same deal that they had in the past.  You can get up to $175 if you have the right console to trade in.
  • Actually, right above the fine print it says this:
    Trade In and Trade Up
    Receive $175 toward an Xbox One console when you trade in a working Xbox 360 250GB or Sony PS3 Slim console at a participating Best Buy store.
  • The article does not say ANY system it says REGULAR.
  • The BestBuy press release that happens to be in this very article clearly states: "Trade in ANY working..."
  • same old con, customer gives trader console, trades gives customer peanuts money for it, trader sells the console for more than what you will be given.
  • Hardly a con. Trader is a business, and ultimately a business needs to cover its costs at minimum, and preferably make a net profit. If customer wants more than what trader is willing to give, nothing stops customer from doing the deal on their own, covering whatever costs are related to gaining the deal, and preferably making what they consider to be an acceptable net profit.
  • Any business would call their rates acceptable regardless of the cost,for example 175.00 for a console repair is an acceptable rate? naaaah oh we need 350.00 for the console new okay,oh sorry we need another 175.00 for the repair. why? oh this covers the repair plus you have to pay postage and tax because this covers us. Yeah and the rest. Oh yeah if you want online you have to pay us even though we've been hacked numbers of times. This company sound familiar? sorry but you have to  pay for our servers to play your old games, no you may not keep your discs and reuse them for the greater good on our new consoles because that's bad. From what i've seen and heard cloud gaming isn't that good?   They probably are in debt. but that's not the publics fault. If they want to invest all their business into gaming so they go bankrupt why are we made responsible for paying off their debts all we did was buy the console and now suddenly we are responsible?
  • While you were "composing" this, they were announcing backwards compatibility...I don't understand your post. I don't know what's acceptable to you/for you since I'm not you.  Is buying a $350,000 USD car acceptable? Is buying a $6 cup of coffee acceptable?  Could it be that if that isn't for you, maybe you are not the intended audience?  If they can't find enough people in the audience they are targetting to support that business model, then the business goes away or changes it's model/prices. If they have enough people paying, then they either pocket the profit or if they have competitors, use that to improve to stay ahead of that competition.  If you don't like product X because it is missing feature Y then again, not the targetted audience.  Either they will change the target by adding the feature or you'll come to accept it's not required, or you won't do business.  Nowhere in that transaction was a gun held to your head to make you give up anything you felt you deserved or settle.   Personal belief, cloud has more ups than downs so far, both of my xb360's work so I could trade one in with no problems but if my 360's died after 4-7 years of service, I'd feel I got my money's worth (again, personal) considering that letting younger family members use them unsupervised is asking for problems.  I'd be more likely to turn in my ps3 since it's pretty much a dongle for the one ps game I own (and barely played) now that I can play bluray on XB1 and xb1 supports 3D.$175 (plus tax) for a new xb1 with game?  That's seems like a deal to me..
  • In my opinion for a normal repair nothing higer than 50.00 higher than that you could be talking strip down, clean, new parts labour+ Tax+Delivery if you have it sent to you.   The price of a new console like it is now in my opinion would be more reasonable if they just bothered asking customers more on what they wanted. Instead of removing good features. There are some hardcore gamers, who know that backwards compatibility doesn't bother them. But to some like myself it's an important feature that's one of the features in any product (being compatible), they're not stupid they know damn well they could make them compatible! Cloud is good for storing things without using your console that much and having everything in one place, nothing wrong with that it's easier. It's flaws are it can easily be hacked, it could be shared, the main server can be taken down, your Server or ISP main server could break  and you could lose access to games. Paying more does seem worth having we'd think. Having all those titles available at once, like on demand but we're only going to be playing 1 game at a time, yeah it's cool to see multitasking in games it's nothing new all of this should have been predicted by someone surely it's what we should expect by now, by how far it's come now in gaming. We should all know gaming has changed from 10 years ago, i tried 3d for the first time on a PS3 over a mates house and it wasn't the best, "Blurry" not good. But if it's done right it's great! I still prefer regular  discs you still have to buy them one by one but atleast there's not the worry of what i mentioned above.   The XB1 supports blu ray and 3d? Is that the only real benefits?  on the new consoles the bigger differnce is 4k. The PS3 already supports bluray,+there are some PS3 titles and 360 titles that support 3d as long as the game supports it, and you have a 3d tv with HDMI cable. When you can already do those things then i don't get it, i can remember when the consoles first came out, i didn't rush to go get one alot of the others did it was me and a few others that waited a lot of it is a "hype" to who has what and what features it can do. But i give it to Sony and Microsoft that when you had the first consoles and looking back now it is very different. Everything has improved!  another thing what i don't get is the consoles features such as third party apps, just why? it's a games console to play games. It's great to have that integration but we already have that. If i want to watch netflix on a laptop i will do it. If i wanted to play the kinect i would play the kinect. If we all needed these apps we use our phones or tablets we don't need them crammed into our consoles! it wreaks the experience that's just my opinion and why i chose a PS4, there are some more why i did that awell but i won't go into that. The 360 is good though it's more clean not crammed with all those tiles and apps, i like Windows but again do we all really want it on our console? of course it's cool but if we all knew how, we could do that. All it is is their OS on the console just like Xbox OS is on the console, if anyone could do it if we all put our ideads together then it can't be that good? Why can't they just focus on gamers 100% then we'll get to see things quicker?        
  • Bluray and 3D are enough for me to replace my PS3, not the only reasons (i'd think that was obvious but I know me so I may be biased in that opinion). Those were the main reason (along with God of War) that I got a PS3.  My only 4k device is a PC monitor, so for me, not that important.  My I7 with dual 680gtx has a hard time running full 4k games (with everything on) so I wouldn't expect a console to be better at that given how 4k wasn't really an established mainstream thing when the consoles were being designed. Do I think it would be cool to say, sure, but I personally won't lose much sleep over it if it's not supported in games as long as the games are good.  Heck I need glasses now so the difference would probably be lost on me playing an FPS without them (as I often do)..  I was (sorta still consider myself but probably not so much) a "hardcore" gamer but apps are great exactly because they can be used anywhere you want to, but if you don't want to, don't install them.  Again, no gun, no forcing you do to something, you don't suffer any harm by the option being there. Everyone can be happy.  Do I wish they'd kept Kinect mandatory, yes, I do.  Do I understand that some people just didn't want it, yeah.  Do I think those people negatively affected public oppinion of the uninformed, yup.  But it is what it is and my next xb1 will not have one even though I like voice commands, that alone is not worth the $100 difference.  I have personal issues with Sony, that's why I didn't chose a PS4 and bought my ps3 for a low enough price (new) that I'll be coming out ahead with the best buy deal.   I don't know why it is that most "Gamers" feel that if you do something other than "Game" stuff it means you have lost focus and therefore suck.  I can walk and chew gum at the same time (and even breathe)  and while game consoles should excel at games as a primary focus, I'd have a much harder time justifying a device that only did one thing, no matter how well it did it, these days.I can't think of very many computing devices I own that only do one thing.(headphones and stuff like that excluded which are more like extensions of the devices without much computing power (if any).  I am the majority they do these things for.  The ones who don't want to have 30 devices stacked up in the living room because each one has a single purpose.
  • No different than when you trade your old car in for a new one at the dealer versus selling your old car yourself and using the cash gained (usually slightly more than the dealer will give you) to purchase a new car. Sometimes the lower return you get is worth the lower amount of hassle.
  • Yeah it's a similar thing, But if you know what you're doing then we all prefer to sell the car sometimes if we like a job done right our way we've got to do it ourselves.
  • you guys who want to get a PS4 you could just buy the console itself and controller off of Ebay, no cables needed! Dig out your old PS2, because the PS4 is backwards compatible with the PS2 connections power cable, a modern phone charger will work for a PS4 controller, you'll also need a HDMI cable for the video output :) Also Xboxerslook out for cables in your home that might fit on the Xbox one and you can do the same steps as i suggested above.  
  • The PS4 uses a figure 8 cable. I'd say every single house has one of those lying around somewhere. It's a shame Microsoft have to use proprietary power supplies (and lets not forget that the 360 over its lifetime had about half a dozen different power supplies none of which were compatible with one another), it's not like they couldn't have pulled off an internal power supply if they'd actually bothered to try.
  • If they made things compatible with each other it's not like they would go out of business anytime soon and there's only really one alternative to a Playstation or XBox that plays the same games.   What have they got to lose?
  • Sweet deal. :) only thing is I like having my 360 and One to play two types of games.
  • Wonder if they will match the microsoft store deal of a $50 gift card with a Xbox one. 
  • Clearly this is $75 for older 360/ps3, $100 only for newer 360/ps3. Best Buy would never give an additional $100 for simply an updated version of the same thing...
  • They've been doing this off and on for a while.  The $75 is a COUPON that expires and can only be used towards an Xbox One.  The $100 is a "bonus" GIFT CARD that can be used for anything.  You only get the GIFT CARD if you trade in a 250gb+ 360 slim or PS3 slim.
  • To bad i have so much games for my 360 slim, otherwise I would trade. If 360 cd's would run on XB One, I would change in a heart beat.
  • Me too. We have too many Xbox 360 games that we still spend hours on that are not available on the Xbox One.
  • Check out the link the other guy posted, or scroll through today's news. XBOX One will play your old 360 games.
  • Huh.  If Only I was finished with Borderlands 2.  Oh well. :p
  • I want a Wii just for smash brothers.
  • But the One won't do Media Center so I'm more inclined to trade in my One for a 360 unless the come up with a better solution, which they haven't yet unfortunately.
  • 360s are going cheap now aswell.
  • Gb
  • I stopped waiting for a trade in deal on my orginal XBOX and just went ahead and bought an XBOX ONE.  Seems I missed out on all the XBOX 360 fun.
  • Damnit, my 360 is the 20gb version which is still kicking haha
  • Backwards compatability is coming: Good luck getting $175 for a used Xbox 360 or a PS3!! I did this same deal at Best Buy in November 2014, but is was for $150, not $175. The $75 (I received $50) has to be used to buy an Xbox One, the $100 is a Best Buy gift card. This is not a new thing.
  • Well no Media Center native support on the Xbone, so I'll be keeping my 4 360's.  
  • Man its tempting, but I still spend alot of time on my 360! If only Microsoft can guarantee my titles would be backwards compatible I would do it in a heart beat and get a second Xbox one!