This is the new 1TB Xbox One in all its matte black glory

Ultimately this is the same basic console as we've had since launch. There's no slimming down, no funky color schemes or anything like that. It's a regular looking, black, heavy Xbox One console. But there are a few differences.

1TB Xbox One

The first is the internal storage. It's the headline feature for this version of the console and represents the first time Microsoft has offered 1TB outside of the special edition Call of Duty console that launched in late 2014. It's a little more expensive than the 500GB version, as you'd expect, commanding a £50 premium in the UK. But you get double the storage, at least (or around double, when you take into account system files and such.) The big advantage here is that you're going to last longer before needing to hook up an external hard-drive, and for some of us, not having such a peripheral hanging around in our entertainment center is worth the extra cash.

And for what it's worth, the available space to use seems to be 780.8GB.

The second noticeable difference is that the 1TB console comes with a matte black finish on the top where the 500GB is glossy. It's down to personal taste as to which looks better, but we're fans of the matte look around here. Doesn't look as bad when it inevitably gets covered in dust, either.

The controller has been refined (see here for a closer look at that) with one of the major new features being the addition of a 3.5mm headset jack on the bottom. This is reflected by the new headset that comes bundled with the console, with Microsoft swapping the Chat Headset for a more conventional one with a 3.5mm connector. I'm not a fan, personally, but then it's less of a chore now to use something else.

All round Microsoft has a good package on its hands here. The question of whether you should get one or not is a little trickier. If you don't yet own an Xbox One, the not massive price bump over the 500GB version makes it probably worth getting, if for no other reason than to avoid having to plug in an external hard-drive quite as soon.

If you already have a console, the decision is trickier. If you can get a good price for your current console or you just really like the matte finish, then maybe. But you'll be able to get the new controller separately soon enough. It's a less compelling upgrade for people who already have an Xbox One.

And you'll have to spend a whole bunch of time reinstalling hundreds of GBs worth of games. Like I do. See you in a month.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Heh, somewhat (still) good lookin
  • Looks great. Not worth the upgrade for me but I'm glad this option exists. Sell more so I can play more for years to come
  • I like the matte look better, plus it wont scratch like the gloss. Also, how do you like the new bumper buttons?
  • Yeah my previous glossy one had a few cat attack marks :/
  • Yep. I have a few scratches on mine.
  • Matte always looks better I don't know why they ever went back to gloss after releasing the 360 elite.
  • not happy about the downgraded headset. It looks like the old 360 ones that would break all the time.Other than that, it looks pretty good!
  • The controller now works with any headset
  • I understand that. I still wish they stuck with the better designed xbox one headset.
  • Xbox 360 ones broke so easily, you had to treat the headset like if it were a nuclear bomb that could go off if you bumped it. Lol
  • Looks good but I have my one
  • Until they can figure out how to make the internal storage faster I don't.consider this an upgrade at all.
  • This external is faster
  • All depends on if the controller of said external is sata3 or not most 2.5" only support sata 2 for example
  • They'd have to put in faster drives. They're bottom-of-the-barrel, 5400-RPM HDDs. They should have gone with 7200, but they went cheap.
  • As I already have an XBone, to me it's not worth it. The trouble I'd have to go through trying to sell my current version to buy a new one and reinstall everything, is not worth it. Besides, for the price it would cost me, I could buy a couple of 3TB external  hard-drives.   Oh and I'm not a fan of the matte finish in this one. I think the glossy parts in the original one at least made it look a little bit less like a VCR.
  • Yeah I love my VCR.
  • I agree with DJCBS on this one! I keep mine in the components stand so I don't have any scratches.
  • Matte!! Finally! I will now consider dumping my 500GB simply due to my dislike of glossy and love for all things matte.
  • Can any one explain to me what does the system do with 220GB ?
  • Reserve
  • Yeah, I'm thinking it could be reserved space for a current (if it's available, I don't know) or future system restore option. Another piece of it: the future Windows 10 upgrade. You would think that Microsoft perhaps dual-boots the system with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in the future, except they hide the Windows 8.1 option until someone requests to restore and run with their old systems settings or something. Just speculation.
  • I've been wondering about the same thing. Anyways the disk capacity by itself would not be exactly 1TB in the strict sense, it's more of a binary style count. But that still doesn't completely explain the huge used space, even win 10 doesn't use up that much space!
  • I think they have an automatic recovery built in like a huge shadow copy,
    Cache,page file etc
  • From what I remember reading is that theres a nand copy and a copy of the os on the hdd
  • Thanks bro
    But that's huge
  • Actual formatted capacity of all hard drives is lower because of how binary works (numeric system computers use) as compared to decimal system numbers. That said, I'm not sure how much weight the XBox OS takes on the system.
  • I think you're confusing gigabytes with gibibytes. The capacity is the same, it's just a labelling convention. It's one of the odd examples where the computer industry tried to make things easier but just confused everybody.      
  • 220gb is taken up by the three operating systems it takes to run the one. And yes I said 3. One os is similar to the old 360 os to run games, one is there to run apps etc and the third is there to act has a bridge to the two so you are able to do snap, jump from game to app etc. I have a 32gb drive in my tablet and I only get 29.8 available with no hidden partitions.
  • and still no keyboard, unlike the 360.
  • Any keyboard works Even your phones
  • Yeah im with ya on that its really inconvenient to type out problem reports out with a touch screen
  • I'd rather buy external storage for it. Cheaper and you get much more for your money. Sure there's a space/tidiness aspect but for me I prefer to spend wisely.
  • And it's faster.
  • Don't waste your money. Buy an xbox one for around £240 and a 500gb external for £50. Then you actually get your memory and your moneys worth for around £80 cheaper. Microsoft are scum to their buyers! but ill still buy their stuff lol
  • hahaha so true :)
  • That's a lot of money for a 500-GB external, IMO.
  • You can get a 2TB Western Digital My Passport Ultra for £85
  • Not sure how they are scum.  I imagine this isn't a console aimed at current Xbox One owners, but rather people looking to buy their first current gen console.  Not a bad deal considering it's rumored to be 400 dollars in the US at launch.   Sadly both Sony and MS lack the games I'm looking for... Wii U ftw. 
  • Still bugs me how they advertise 1TB but once you buy it you get a whole 220GB less than that. Why not just advertise it as 780GB? Lol I never understood.
  • A large part of this are two scales for defining a TB.   And yes, the OS reserves space too.
  • What would the OS need to reserve 175 GB or more for?
  • Well, they shouldn't exactly advertise it as 780 GB. The actual available space will probably be different a couple of months from now, with the Windows 10 upgrade on XBox One. They can still call it a 1 TB version, but make sure that all their advertising clearly points out in the fine print (not tiny letters, but an actual information box somewhere on web stores and the actual physical console box) that you have roughly 780 GB left to use in the current version on sale. Later, when Windows 10 is out, they can adjust their fine print and still advertise the 1 TB option.
  • What a joke. I mean, I am not a huge console fan in the first place, so perhaps my view is a bit tainted; but I seriously expected to see a refined die shrink unit in a physically smaller housing and with the OS on an internal flash drive paired with a removable HDD. It is not just the price that is killing Xbox, it is also a large ugly non-upgradeable power hungry box compared to the better designed Playstation (and I am no PS fanboy). I mean seriously, if 500GB is not going to be large enough for you then 1TB is also likely going to be easily out-grown. Make 500-750GB standard, and then let people replace it with a 3-6TB desktop drive if they really want the extra space. MS has the manufacturing know-how. I mean the Surface lineup is fantastically well built, their controllers are amazing, and the new Lumia devices are great as well. I don't understand why they don't put it to use in their console box.
  • They may be doing that after e3, and then sell this one at a lower price and the newer one as a slim, premium version.
  • The Xbox One from what I've heard isn't dramatically more power hungry than the PS4.  The design itself can be best described as... "airy" I suppose.  Also nothing is "killing" the Xbox.  Both MS and Sony appear to be very happy with their sales, and any Xbox vs. Playstation now appears to have largely become a media thing. 
  • For the 500GB version, they took 140GB and said it's for the 2 OSes inside it. Now I just wonder does it really take 80GB more of the user space to add the extra 500GB. Damn.
  • They also dedicate some for game dvr.
  • Well, you also have to know how storage space is calculated, and the scam that it kind of is. When they say 500 GB, they mean 500,000,000,000 bytes. However, PCs use binary, not decimal, math. So, when you turn that 500,000,000,000 bytes into GB, you don't use the decimal math of dividing to 1,000 for each step (KB, MB, GB). Instead, you divide by 1024, the number used by the computer. So, you take that 500,000,000,000 and divide by 1024 2 times, to get the actual number of 465.7 GB. It's why a HDD you buy will NEVER have the listed amount of size--a little computer math trickery by companies, basically. You're actually only losing about 50 GB of that "500 GB," as the other 35 GB or so is lost in unit conversion.
  • If they leave some of that space for the OS and games DVR then they should have included a 1.5gb HDD for a real advertisement, 780gb is nothing considering that having GTA V and HALO: MCC installed take more than 100gb of that space.
  • You are better off getting an external drive and a 500GB unit. You'll save money, and get more space.
  • In fairness, you'll always save realtive money with each step up in space. 500 GB won't be enoguh to complement a 500-GB console through the generation, IMO. I'd start at 1 TB, and probably lean towards 2 TB, and the price per-GB will be lower for those drives. For now, I have plenty of space. I'd also rather just go with my internal drive until I absolutely have to get more storage, as drive prices will drop.
  • Nice upgrades but next year might be even better upgrades.
  • Ok so new console with upgraded controller (ie hardware changes), and a physically new box (not new paint) with a hdd upgrade..and HEVC sort of covertly added.... Here is my question.....
    Does tomorrow's announcement include hdmi2 on the new box and or the Hdd is faster or....
    Old box support hdmi 2.0 via next firmware and maybe wireless updates via controlee too....(less likely).
  • Would like to swap my day one unit but may wait till the holidays(only because I was one of the few that had problems with it playing games for nearly 7 months while in preview rumor was ram wasn't clearing on shutdown)
  • Why just 780?
  • I'm sorry to be a bit offtopic but does xBox can access to the Windows File share? I'm thinking in buying one but not sure yet if it will be the 1T or the 500Gb
    Because I have an server at home for all my multimedia needs so the HDD of the xBox would be only for storing games
  • I think it can't currently but the Windows 10 update might bring it.
  • Hum, ok.
  • You can access DLNA shares on the Xbox One and play most media files.
  • PS4 Rules Xbox Drools ;]
    lol jk love my Xbox One.
    Prefer my glossy finish though.
  • I prefer the PS4 because of these reason's, the Xbox one has a complex menu, it's larger than it needs to be, can't always do 1080p 60fps eg dying light and you can't change the HDD easily to your preferred capacity size eg 2tb. I hope that Microsoft change all these minor differences for the better in their 2nd incarnation of the Xbox One in future.
  • I am a PlayStation fan, but I'll tell you this: the Xbox One allows you to buy an external driver of the capacity you wish and you just have to simply connect it. The PS requires you to exchange yours.It's a lot less practical and ultimately you'll end up being able to get more storage connected to the XBone than to the PS4.
  • Yeah but if you take it to a mates house, you need to carry TWO items instead of ONE and the ps4 already has 2tb built-in if you have upgraded it. Also there is a product out now, I cant remember the name, it allows you to add any capacity 3.5inch HDD's you can afford eg 6tb, yeah it makes the ps4 slightly bulky at one end, but its all-in-one unit not two.
  • Um you're concerned about having to travel with something smaller than a game box or controller? Also depending on how you're planning to play you can just take your external drive to your friends place log in using your account and start playing your digitally purchased games.
  • I don't wanna sound like a hater but advertising it as "1TB" having 780gb free for the user sounds like a dirty scam, I know that has been usual for a long time (advertising a standard size but giving less actually) but a 220gb difference is absurd.
  • By now only gulibble people believe that the storage available is the advertised. You buy a 32GB Nokia L930 and you get around 25GB free.
    If you buy an 8GB Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, you get less than 2GB free. It's always like this.
  • Yes I understand that for mobile devices but my laptop was advertised as 1tb and it came with around 920gb free, not 780gb...
  • You have to allow for 2 things, 1 the actual space quoted is ALWAYS rounded to a more easier figure to state and 2 the firmware is also stored on the HDD as per mobiles too.
  • Can someone please explain as to way downloading and installing games on xbox is a painstakingly long long loooooooooong process (almost a full day at average). Where as when i download and install games on my PS4 it takes an average of about an hour at most.
  • I'm not sure, but I'd investigate your router and network connection. I have no trouble downloading at my full internet connection speed (50Mbps, or around 6MB/s) on the Xbox One. That's about 20GB per hour, which means a 40-50GB game can take a couple hours.
  • Exactly the same for me, xbox takes forever, PS4 is quick as. Also noticeable with installing, FIFA 15 started immediately when I put the disc in the PS4, that has never happened for me with an XBO game.
  • Xbox does it in the background, so you can still use your connection like normal. PS just lazily hogs all the connection so your internet is mostly dedicated to the game until its finished.
  • Uh, that's not true at all.
  • 780.80GB?! Well where the hell is the rest of the 1TB, don't tell me the damn firmware takes up that much memory?
  • You guessed it ;)
  • First, realize that because the Xbox One, as with all Microsoft systems, still uses the binary value for gigabytes (often retconed to gibibytes). So 1 KB would be 1024 bytes. This means when you get to 1TB in decimal value used by hard drive makers (1,000,000,000,000 bytes) is calculated as about 930GB. Realize you're not actually getting any less than the same 1TB on a Mac, for instance, it's just calculated differently. 1TB in binary equals nearly 1.1TB when using the decimal value. It's still about a 150GB that's reserved for the system, though.
  • You couldn't just let me have this ignorant moment?!
  • lol, maybe on a xbox one pro edition or something, they can't afford to do that with the current price of SSD's, not now nor in the next 3 years at least.
  • New headset looks like a generic POS. Glad they're still compatible with the XB1 headsets with the nice buttons on the connector.
  • FINALLY!   The Glossy plastic scratched from just sitting there, it was terrible.    That said I've sold mine and will wait for the Slim model before I buy an Xbox One again, I had 4 different Xbox One's and they all had really loud fans and I couldn't stand it, I just gave up on the exchanges and just sold my last one. 
  • I will be sticking with my white xbox one. It's funny because when I got it, I picked it because it came with a game and the black version didn't at the time even though I wasn't a big fan of it being white. Now I like it because nobody has a white one (although they did just release a white version again with halo). Buying this with a 1TB drive is a no brainer, I was shocked how fast my 500GB drive filled up and added a 1TB external after a month of owning the console.
  • time to get the sandpaper out on my glossy one
  • I bought an xone as soon as they were released but soon discovered that i was quickly filling the harddrive up so i upgraded to the 1tb call of duty edition , and i soon disapointed after about a week it started crashing , stoped ejecting discs , took over an hour to start up and shut down , wouldnt play bluerays and the kinect would just go off for no reason , truely gutted after having no problems with the first one , iv just sent it back to them to get it fixed so fingers crossed when i get it back all will be well , i have to say the microsoft customer service staff are more than helpfull and really try to fix any problems they can over the phone 5* service . I really hope this new 1tb xone doesnt have the same problems