The Treo Pro Becomes Harder to Ignore

If you're in the market for a new Windows Mobile Phone, the Palm Treo Pro just became a little harder to ignore. Palm has dropped the price of an unlocked model from $549 to $399. 

With Windows Mobile Standard alternatives such as the Samsung Jack available in the neighborhood of $350 and carrier-branded HTC devices pushing $500 out of contract the Treo Pro becomes very attractive to those looking for a WM Pro phone.

No telling if this is a permanent price drop or a limited time only savings.  Oh and as an added bonus, it looks like Palm is including a free travel charger and shipping on top of a very good price on a very good phone.

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  • Curses! I paid top dollar for this thing... oh the price of being an early adopter! Do you guys think if I whinne enough about it would Palm send me a check for the difference, just like the frutty company did in the past?
  • give it a whirl and let me know I bought mine bnib on ebay for 400.00 plus s/h. You can get it for $250.00 with a 2 yr att contract and its unlocked gsm at best buy mobile.
  • $399! These things are going for sub-$200 on ebay brand new. I don't know how that works..
  • Hi, I've had mine, since it was first introduced last summer. I've bounced back and forth between it and my iPhone 3G but have finally concluded that the Treo Pro meets my needs better than the iPhone does. My iPhone is going on eBay later this week. Bill
  • They could drop it to $10 and I would have no regrets. It is the best smartphone out there.
  • It's a great smartphone. Always glad to see prices fall.
  • It is an excellent device,,,,,, for users with small hands or nimble fingers. That thing is about as difficult to type on as the centro.
  • @ Jeff yeah, the Sprint versions are around $200, not the unlocked GSM version
  • my bad, i meant @ Brian