UK mobile operator Everything Everywhere (EE for short) has launched its 30-day 4G SIM-only plans to take full advantage of the network improvements the company has been carrying out since last year. Being the only operator to offer LTE to consumers in the UK, these new plans allow consumers to trial the EE network. It was only back in November when EE eventually launched its 12-month SIM-only plans.

So what will consumers be looking to pay for the 30-day plans? Starting from £23 per month, each plan essentially costs slightly more than the normal contract pricing (by just £2). Each and every one of them comes with unlimited calls and SMS, leaving only the data allowance to help consumers pick which plans suits their needs best:

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  • £23 - 500MB
  • £28 - 1GB
  • £33 - 3GB
  • £38 - 5GB
  • £43 - 8GB
  • £63 - 20GB

The new SIM-only plans are available in-store and on the online web shop. In addition to the improved speeds (should you reside in one of the locations that sport 4G), EE will also be offering the UK film service free to subscribers, which is also available for Windows Phone. As well as that, we're also looking at a £5 discount per month on EE fibre broadband for the home.

To wrap up, EE will be launching 4G in the following ten cities this summer: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield.