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Game Insight delivers The Tribez and Flower House for Windows 8 and RT

Game Insight, the king of city building games, has just released two new titles for Windows 8 and RT. First up, The Tribez (which already launched on Windows Phone awhile back) is now playable on tablets and PCs. The Tribez is a city builder set in a prehistoric fantasy world.

Secondly, Flower House (which we exclusively announced in December) has just launched on Windows 8 and RT as well. While Flower House plays a bit like a city builder, the focus is actually on growing, breeding, and collecting a huge variety of flowers and other flora. Both games are free to play. Read on for our impressions!

The Tribez

This game is tied with the upcoming Transport Empire as my favorite Game Insight city builder to date. The Tribez stands out with its appealing fantasy theme and bright, colorful prehistoric world. Give me that over plain old cities any day of the week!

The story involves players discovering a miles-deep portal to a previously undiscovered region populated by simple tribesmen and ancient creatures. You know, like Journey to the Center of the Earth but less dangerous.

The Tribesmen you meet in the subterranean wonderland will happily cooperate with your research. In fact, you'll use your advanced technology and know-how to help expand their village and make it a safer place to live. Players must help grow food for the tribe, earn gold to spend on buildings and upgrades, and harvest a wide variety of resources and building materials.

The Tribez for Windows 8

Unlike some city builders, The Tribez doesn't limit progress with an energy mechanic. Instead, you'll have to manage individual tribesmen and their tasks. If all of your workers are busy, you can't start a new task until one of them finishes what he or she is doing. Players will also have to fend off attacks from less civilized tribes by rapidly tapping the invaders, lest your buildings burn and stop producing resources.

As your village grows, you'll discover new mysteries and artifacts such as downed airplanes and new portals. If you enjoy checking in throughout the day to collect resources and direct your workers, you'll love The Tribez's sense of wonder and whimsy.

Unfortunately, The Tribez does not appear to support cloud saves at this time. Maybe that feature will come in the sequel, which hopefully will make its way to Windows someday,

QR: The Tribez

Flower House

As you might guess from the name, this one is a casual simulation game about raising and selling flowers. I don't think it lets you eat the flowers, which you also probably could have guessed.

Flower House Windows 8

Although Flower House is not technically a city builder, it shares most of the same mechanics. You start out by buying a flower pot and seeds. After watering the seeds, the plant will take a certain amount of real time to grow. Then you get to cut the flowers and sell them.

Flower House Windows 8

As the game progresses, you'll not only buy new plants, you'll also get to create plant hybrids. For instance, mixing a lily and a calla will produce a lily calla. It's nothing too complex, but if you enjoy flowers and plants, you'll get to play around and collect a variety of them in Flower House.

Naturally the game has social elements too, so flower eaters, I mean lovers, will get to visit their friends' flower houses and see what's a-growing. Who will create the loveliest floral arrangements?

Flower House is also due to arrive on Windows Phone within the next month or two. In the meantime, you can grab the Windows 8 version and start your garden growing on tablet or PC.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I want it on windows phone!! (oh wait, we have it)
  • How come these days half of all phone games are either: City Builders, Match 3, or Infinite Runner? I wish there was more variety.
  • I would prefer endless runners....... To avoid sleep whenever I don't want to
  • Infinte runners are fun ...when they have Xbox achievement support.
  • ^this I really hope Xbox is "everywhere" in WP games. like Android have their GPG Achievements.
  • Yeah, because logic.
  • Probably because those are the most suited for touch screens.
  • Cloud saves are needed. Would like to have the same game progress regardless of the device I'm using. Like Total Conquest.
  • And like Age of Empires Castle Siege...  
  • Played the game on my Kindle Fire for a while until I had to reset my Kindle and discovered it doesn't support cloud saving.  I have decided not to touch any of GI's games because none of them support cloud saving.  In this age where people have multiple mobile devices, choosing not to implement cloud saving = no $$ for you.
  • Some of them actually do support cloud saving, such as Cloud Raiders and 2020 My Country. You just have to log in with Facebook in order to activate the feature. I agree that cloud saving is very important with mobile titles though.
  • Some platforms do not allow full cross-platform compatibility due to the way you can't release the game at the same time on one platform and another. During those days players will be completely locked out of playing on one of their devices with a message like "you'll need to wait for an update to come out for this platform". It's easy to manage this in games like puzzle (where you store the last open level) or racing games (where you store car config and high scores), but in compex simulation games it's much harder to achieve due to all the expansions that happen on your game map with every update. Basically entering the game with a wrong version will screw up your save profile for both versions. Also, I heard that you can contact player support and ask them if they can transfer your profile from platform to platform...
  • Any information on when is transport empire coming to phones?
  • As it's a very heavy Unity download game, there's a slim chance it'll support 512MB devices. Here's how it looks on Windows 10 on Ultra Wide Screens: though :)
  • Well here at WC there was a news last year that it was coming for 512 mb ram early 2015...i hope we get it this month
  • Cloud saving and cross platform support is needed for me to touch any type of building game.  I switch devices way too much.
  • Flower House supports cloud saves across Windows, Android and iOS. You have to complete the tutorial and log in to Facebook on one of the level ups. Hope developers will let players log in sooner in the tutorial.
  • A lot of games have been coming to Windows 8. Having a Windows tablet for gaming (and more) is really gaining traction.
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    Check out "Grimbo" for Windows Phone
  • Yeah, they already did that.
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  • Tribez looks to be an interesting time sink, but likely won't be playing it much until it supports cloud saves and cross platform play. Seriously one of the biggest selling points of castle siege is that I can just continue where I left off on any device that is compatible.
  • I used to love this game until I discovered that there is no cloud saves and that it was eating my battery like hell ... My L1520 would not even last 3/4 of a day when I was playing. Without the game it last's 2,5 to 3 days.
  • I really enjoy Tribez above all city builders I've played such as Tapped Out, 2020 MyCountry, and that Family Guy one. The lack of cloud saving really does suck though... I've heard of many people having their games wiped out. I'm at level 44 and get nervous every time it crashes (1-2 times per week!)
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