A few days ago we received notice that the server powering the popular Windows Phone game, Trine's Hangman, crashed due to high traffic. It was one of those good news/bad news things.  Good that traffic for the game was up, bad that it crashed the server.  You could still play the game but all the online goodness wasn't available.

After diligent work by the developer, we have just been informed that things are back up and running. So every should have access to the online ranking, leaderboards, definitions and score updates.

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Trine's Hangman comes in two versions. You have Trine's Hangman with is a free, ad-supported version and Trine's Hangman Pro that runs $1.99 and is ad free.

Trine's Hangman Pro is currently on a half-off sale ($.99) through January 1st. In light of the events with the server, this sale has been extended to January 8th. So if you've been thinking of upgrading to the ad free version or tinkering with the free trial, you still have time to take advantage of the savings.

QR: Trines Hangman Pro          QR: Trines Hangman Free