Tubecast update brings fix for broken video formats

Tubecast got an update today, but don't get too excited unless you've been having trouble with certain video formats not working. The update fixes that little issue, and that's about it. Here's the official breakdown of what's fixed in Tubecast version

  • Fix for broken video formats (SD,FullHD,60FPS,QHD,4K)

So, there you have it. It isn't a feature-loaded update, for sure, but it should be welcome for any of you that were having trouble with the above formats. In any case, you can grab todays update from the Windows Phone Store now.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download Tubecast from the Windows Phone Store - (Free with optional in-app purchase)

Download Tubecast Pro from the Windows Phone Store - ($2.99)

QR: Tubecast

QR: Tubecast Pro

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Ever since last phone build TubeCast didn't work for me. Hope this fixes it!
  • I can't get any youtube apps to work in the latest build.
  • Mytube works well with me, but I can't give likes, add to playlist. The only thing that works is commenting.
  • There's been an update to fix those issues, the Store should automatically update it for you soon ;)
  • Oh thanks Ryken. Appreciate it. :)
  • Despite its many issues I still think it is by far the best YouTube app and i have spent alot of time with the others.
  • Bought myTube and Tubecast :)
    I normally use myTube because of it's beautiful and intuitive UI and features, but Tubecast beats it in controlling tv YouTube apps and casting and that its a universal app.
  • myTube will have streaming feature to TV soon.
  • Are you serious? That is great news
  • Ya, Tubecast's UI and navigation really sucks... (Decent feature wise though).
  • Agree, myTube's UI is better for touch, however Tucecast is great for desktop
  • Interesting... It was the desktop experience that made me dislike Tubecast's UI. My personal perspective is that the navigation and icon/button possition is a big mess (and easily fixable big mess).
  • Ok
  • Cool update
  • Favourite YouTube client for months.
  • Best YouTube client, even better than Google's own.
  • google has a youtube client?
  • Best Comment award goes to You.
  • For Android
  • I couldn't watch any video's yesterday I hope it fixed the problem today.
  • Please make this app to save the downloaded video in sd card...please update it.............
  • Send feedback trough the app.
  • With mytube you can
  • Love tubecast!
  • I really like tubecast and mytube, been using tubecast lately because it's universal and of course the casting. I used to like metro tube but it hasn't been updated in a while.
  • Same here
  • My only complaint is that sometimes when you reopen the app it starts playing the last video I watched. Also it will randomly keep playing after hitting the start button and going back to the main screen.
  • You can disable that on settings. Uncheck the option below "Auto play".
  • No wonder I couldn't play that W10 mobile new build leak video.
  • I recently had to uninstall this because the battery drainage was horrendous! worse than BBM! Not had a problem since uninstalling.
  • This app is getting worse and worse every update.. I'm probably going to go with MyTube until they work this out.
  • When Youtube changes its behavior internally, we generally update the app in 24 or 48h, if it is worse for you, I can't make it better ;).
  • Please tell me how it's getting worse and worse because for it's getting better and better.
    I miss something here?
  • There isn't a Lumia with 4k