Turn Off The Lights extension for Microsoft Edge now available

As promised, the Microsoft Edge version of the popular Turn Off The Lights browser extension is now live in the Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs that have the Anniversary Update or higher installed.

This simple but highly useful extension's basic premise is that when a person wants to watch a video embedded in a website, it can "dim" the surrounding page so that the person can see the video better. The extension works with embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, YouKu and others.

The Turn Off The Lights also has different modes, including a way for an HTML5-based video to fill the entire web page, and a way to customize the look of the backround when the extension is active. There's even a way to show a glow around the video to give the viewing experience a more dramatic look.

Download Turn Off The Lights Microsoft Edge extension from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Nice feature
  • windows store still a ****. there is no section for extention and if you open the extentions from the EDGE (Getextention from store) it takes you to the store but do not show updated extentions. One can try this and realise itself. I am here just because I could not find "turn off the extention".
  • Wow! its amazing!!!
  • Unfortunately video dims with whole page for me on youtube.com. Doesn't work on Vimeo at all. Anyone have same problems?
    W10 Fast ring build 14931
  • Will It's supposed to dim on videos embedded on other pages. So that means a Vimeo in the middle of your favorite blog, not on Vimeo itself
  • Nice :)
  • I rather they work on something similar to Postman than an entertainment plug-in
  • An extension is something done by a independent developer, not Microsoft and those independent devs are not your beck and call, lol be serious
  • Why wouldn't you use separate app for REST client? E.g. Insomnia REST Client.
    Or YOU can write such extension :)
  • There is a Postman UWP app (you can get it on their website). Might be Electron based. They created it because Google is going to discontinue their desktop apps. No need for a plugin at all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • is there a way i can keep the dim even if i click or open another page? the dim only activates when i turn it on and goes away when i click on anything else...this is SOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!   I have to keep turning it on      
  • Whenever I click on anything or move my cursor too much, the dimming deactivates. Is it supposed to do that?
  • That's cool and all, but when are they going to accelerate the rollout of AU? Only reason why i still have Chrome as my primary is ad block extensions
  • Hmm... You could get on the Insider program then leave. I haven't had any real issues on the latest build but your usage may differ from mine.
  • Does Microsoft have any plans to add fullscreen mode to Edge (at least on Mobile)? Edge probably isn't going to replace Firefox on my PCs but on mobile, it's pretty much the best browser available (stability wise) but it does lack certain features so I'm hoping that fullscreen mode is in the works.
  • Really? I hate to say this but I think Edge is the worst mobile browser I've used.. I thought otherwise until I bought an Android for testing.. Chrome on mobile feels 10 x more responsive and stable Imo. I'm a die hard windows fan, still prefer it as my main OS, but Chrome and Safari have Edge beat in mobile in my opinion.
  • I was talking about on W10 Mobile. The other browsers available on Store have more features but they crash too often.
  • Ohhh okay. Yeah, I agree then.
  • Even if it was the worst mobile browser, everyone is still forced to use it, due to lack of default app setting. All links still open in Edge no matter what.
    It's so frustrating to not have such a basic setting.
  • I think I could see a video even better if there was an extension that supported auto-fullscreen mode.
  • my extension dosen't work on edge tried ad block, ad blocker plus, Trasnslator but it dosen't work is there any fix friends??? I have turned on extension when it pops up if u want to turn on or not.
  • Don't work here :(
  • Make it work as fast as nightmode for firefox. This extension has a delay to 'black-out' pages as they are being loaded,