Turn your WordPress blog into a Windows 10 app with the latest Windows App Studio update

Microsoft's free Windows App Studio tools have added some new features for anyone who wants to make a quick and easy Windows 10 app without any coding. One of them will allow a WordPress blog to be display in a Windows 10 app.

Microsoft says:

"We introduced a new WordPress data source that lets you connect your app to your WordPress blog. It pulls in content and displays it beautifully in your app so you can free your blog from the web and get it in front of 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it to the Store."

Microsoft has also added a Microsoft Ad control to the Windows App Studio tools, which will allow users to include ad banners, with content provided by Microsoft Advertising, as a way to gain revenue. Finally, there's also a way to include any links to related content in the app:

"Did you ever want to show related content in a section (such as speaker information for an event listing in a Convention app, or comments from a blog post)? Now it can be easily done in Windows App Studio Beta. This feature opens up new use cases and we will show them off in new templates in the future."

Microsoft has also added some new design features in Windows App Studio, including an image carousel that allows photos to be shown in a slideshow inside an app.

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Source: Microsoft

  • I love that they keep updating AppStudio. It's gotten much better over time.
  • Forget that.. Lets concentrate on WC....Countdown started for Universal Windows Central App ;)
  • Oh wow, this gives me an idea. I have made 2 apps with AppStudio already. Great software.
  • What apps have you made? I'm interested in seeing how sophisticated AppStudio apps can be.
  • I used it to create Hot Spot Miami
  • Interesting feature.. I think it's a good way for bloggers to gain a wide audience in the desktop and mobile community
  • 'Lumia 360' ..the app which App Studio created successfully in my name!
  • Is it in the store? I want to check out an App Studio app.
  • It's been awhile and he hasn't responded so I can send you to one.  I made one called 'RPM Enterprises', the data is a little sparse right now because they had a good month. 
  • Great news, considering most publications are powered by WordPress engine, I'm hoping this will have a positive impact on Windows Store with easier app development for publication outlets around the globe.
  • Great
  • It looks like only the 'wordpress.com' hosted blogs are supported, I'm unable to use my self-hosted Wordpress blog....for now.. Hey..it's working...cool!
  • I also just tried it. My old wordpress.com blog works fine, my new self hosted is not found :/
  • Did you try it with jetpack installed?
  • Just tried it with Jetpack installed, and it works :)
  • still having issuess when i add the url it says unknown blog even with jetpack enable and ideas?
  • Did you connect jetpack to wordpress.com?   Once you do that, try to enable the JSON API.  I did that and I'm able to see my blog posts inside of app studio. I'm not sure if the JSON API is required or not.
  • Is it me, or can you only pull Blog pages? I have static pages I would like to build an app around, but when I connect to WordPress, it only seems to be looking at Blogs.
  • If you mean posts, than yes. Looks like there is no way to select pages.
  • Is there a way in app studio to have user input?  maybe just a form that creates an email?
  • You can put a button on a contact page that autofills a predetermined email in the "To" address.
  • Yeah if they enabled CRUD operations for dynamic data then I would probably do very quick prototyping using app studio but unfortunately it's not that advanced yet, I'm sure it will get there in the future
  • The mobile app missing though....:'(
  • I think they let it fall by the wayside because of how horrible the OS text control was in WP8.x. Your post didn't have to be all that long before the experience became frustrating. (I remember seeing a FAQ about the edit control.) If the app's source is available, maybe someone could fix it.
  • Would live to see them add in things like a music player etc
  • With advertise banner now I'm good to go. I will update my 5 apps to Windows 10.
  • Will it pull in embedded data like YouTube videos?
  • When I was poking through what AppStudio offered the other day, I did see a walkthrough for embedding a YouTube video. I'm not sure about videos embedded within a blog post though. (Building an app from a WordPress site is new since I was looking.)
  • 110+ still.. Hmm, they keeping the actual numbers for a new year announcement
  • Still haven't used it, but I definitely will if it is also able to use Sways as a source.
  • Great I have an account there and would be nice to create an app
  • Great news, but it seems that not all Wordpress blogs are working. For example my blog is not found.
  • Yes, now you can turn your wordpress blog into an app. But you really shouldn't.