Tweeten 3.1 for Windows has a new login and splash screen, Windows Store release coming soon

The popular third-party Twitter desktop client Tweeten has received a major update to version 3.1 for Windows users with a new login and splash screen. In addition, we should see a version released in the Windows Store soon.

The app's official blog post reveals what's new and improved in Tweeten 3.1:

  • We've added a new splash screen for the app
  • The login experience has been completely redesigned
  • We have also redesigned the logout experience
  • You can now enable GIFs to download in the background automatically
  • The app can now minimizes to tray (disabled by default) when you close it on Windows (previously it'd go to the tray when you minimized the window)
  • Fixed an issue where Tweeten would forget its window state when opened from the tray
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the tray icon from retaining its position on the tray

In addition, the Tweeten Windows Store version is apparently ready for the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update:

Once Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (rollout starts tomorrow), we should be able to submit the app to the Windows Store. This will make the app update process a lot simpler for us. However, if you prefer to download the .exe for Tweeten, you'll continue to be able to get it from our website.

Download Tweeten for Windows Desktop

John Callaham