Twitch will soon start selling you games while you watch your favorite streamers

Not content to stick with its status as only a streaming platform, Twitch has announced that it will soon start selling games, too. That said, it doesn't sound like Twitch is aiming for what you'd call a direct competitor to Steam. Instead of a storefront, Twitch says that it will offer the option to buy whatever game you happen to be watching someone stream at the time.

So how will it work? According to Twitch, all you'll have to do is watch Twitch as you normally do. While watching, Twitch will offer the option to purchase the game or in-game content if it's available via Twitch. As a bonus for streamers, any Twitch partners that have opted in will also take a 5% share of the revenue from any sales on their channel. And for buyers, any purchase over $4.99 will include a "Twitch Create" that packs digital goodies like game-specific emotes, chat badges, or something else entirely.

As Twitch explains it, this makes a lot lot of sense if you view the streaming service as a way to "demo" games by watching others before buying. The benefit for Twitch parters is a nice bonus, and it will be interesting to watch if the program takes off. While there's no firm date for launch, Twitch says sales will start sometime this Spring, and will include games from an initial list of partners that includes the likes of Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Hi Rez Studios, and Double Fine Games, among others.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl