Twitter client Twikini updated to 1.2

Twitter client Twikini V 1.2 has been released. While it's not the cheapest (read: free) client out there, it is one of our favorites. Here's what's new in 1.2:

  • When you click a Twitpic link, a large version of the photo is shown inside Twikini. No more having to launch a browser.
  • You can choose to launch links in Skweezer.
  • Twikini can show @replies and DMs by default at startup. Similarly, you can choose to only auto-refresh @'s and DM's.
  • Nu på dansk!
  • If you scroll to the end of the time line, Twikini will "wrap" back to the top. (Careful: If you're at the top of the time line and hit "up," it'll take you to the bottom of the time line.)
  • After replying to a tweet, the time line won't jump back to the top.
  • Improved GPS codes and several other bug fixes.

You can install this version right over your old one, but you'll have to re-input your accounts. Twikini is $4.95 and has a 14-day trial. You can find it here.

Phil Nickinson

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