Twitter testing progressive web app as potential replacement for full desktop site

Twitter's progressive web app (PWA) is one of the most prominent out there, powering the mobile site, Twitter for Windows, and the Twitter Lite app for Android. And now, it looks like the social media giant is ready to bring that experience to its full desktop site – or it's starting to, at least.

Twitter announced today that it is conducting a test of a "new Twitter for web" with a small set of users. The refreshed experience leverages the company's PWA, bringing bookmarks and the "Explore" page to your desktop browser.

That Twitter is putting its weight behind such a broad expansion of the new experience is an encouraging sign for PWAs. The move comes as Microsoft is also placing an emphasis on the future of PWAs as a responsive, native app-like experience for a range of devices, going so far as to begin publishing them in the Microsoft Store.

For now, the new Twitter on the desktop web is limited to a small subset of users. However, you can get a look at the experience by using the Windows 10 PWA or heading to the Twitter mobile site in a desktop browser.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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