Ubisoft sees higher revenue from Xbox One players over PlayStation 4

It's undeniable that Sony experienced a superior launch this console generation, but it seems that Xbox gamers might be more valuable to game developers and publishers. Sony is rumored to have sold close to double the units of the Xbox One, and with such a large estimated difference in market share the PlayStation 4 is often favored by the industry, but according to Ubisoft's latest financial report, Xbox One players are doing more for their bottom line.

As first reported by VentureBeat, mean revenue per user is significantly higher on the Xbox One, with the average player spending 25 percent more than the average PlayStation 4 owner. While this doesn't equate to overall higher revenue on the platform, these high-value players draw the attention of publishers. With current reports, it isn't possible to see whether this trend is common across all major publishers but suggests that Xbox One players may be willing to invest more into software for the platform.

After a public outcry caused by controversial policies proposed for Xbox One at launch, many gamers gravitated towards Sony's rival console. With casual gamers being dragged towards the platform in response to conversations in the press, the Xbox One's current devoted playerbase has the potential to produce a higher overall software attach rate.

Ubisoft also revealed that 51.8% more software sales were seen on the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One, and while a significant lead, doesn't match the difference seen between the estimated Xbox One and Playstation 4 sales. This could show that Ubisoft titles see higher engagement on the Xbox One, despite the platform's lesser market share. Previous reports from Electronic Arts have inferred a larger percentage of sales on PlayStation 4, and a greater gap between the sales figures of the two rival platforms.

Source: VentureBeat

Matt Brown

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