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Convince a friend in the UK to buy a Lumia 950, get a £50 Microsoft Store gift card

If you live in the UK and already own a Lumia 950 or a Lumia 950 XL smartphone, you might be able to get up to £100 in Microsoft Store gift cards if you get a friend or friends to buy either one of those recent Windows 10 Mobile devices.

This is the latest such promotion from Microsoft's Lumia Reward's program, which begins today and runs through March 16, or while the rewards last. Here's how it works:

"The recommender can earn up to two promotional gift cards when two of the friends buy new Lumia phones and claim the reward through the Lumia Offers app by entering the recommender's qualifying referral email address on the claim page. The friend who bought a new Lumia 950 or 950 XL and claimed the promotional gift card, can continue as a recommender and get a second promotional gift card if they get one of their friends to buy a Lumia 950 or 950 XL."

Each Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL owner in the UK can get up to two Microsoft Store gift cards worth £50 each as part of this offer. The gift cards, which can be used to purchase anything in the Microsoft Store, must be used by June 30.

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  • Not sure fifty bucks is enough to make up for a lost friendship.
  • It's £50 that's about $574. ;)
  • Classic comment, lol, too funny. Im thinking some people will not like it.
  • Depends on the friend I suppose lol
  • Wondered why my friend hadn't spoken to me for a while...
  • It's because you both don't have snap chat or imessage lol
  • It's Iike an Alfa Romeo, you'd buy one yourself but you sure as $hit wouldn't recommend one!
  • That's pretty much it. I own a 950XL and I like it, but there's no way I'd recommend it.
  • LOL
  • But you have 50 bucks☺
  • And loose the friend.
  • I'm tight with my friends.
  • Haha...I see what you did there.
  • Hahaha well played
  • Convince a friend to buy a Windows Phone... For should get an OSCAR..not a useless "store" gift card which is having nothing but a junk.
  • ?
  • ??
  • ??? :P
  • ??? :P:P
  • ??? :P:P $
  • Convinced and changed lot of friends n relatives to buy Lumia previously, but now they are backfiring me.
    Boy now I can't find a place to hide.
    Have advertise so much for MS, that I could even expect 950XL as a gift from MS
  • Lol!! I too had similar experience.
  • It didn't work to save nokia back then :(
  • Me too! I convinced more than 5 people!
  • I convinced my my friend to buy a Lumia 640xl and in return he gifted it to after 5 days
  • My 7 friends are using Lumia just because of me. :d
  • Lose a friend, but win £50. Really, given the amount of gripes here on WindowsCentral, is there anybody who can recommend the phones to a friend?
  • I couldn't convince anyone, in the 4 years I had Windows Phone... to get one.  
  • Real friends don't let friends buy Windows Phones
  • Seriously!!? Microsoft wants us to beg for a 50pound gift card?
    What next after he buys and notices a loaded bugged phone? We gotta hear alot for it!
    Who's the marketing lead who came up with such a cheap and foolish thing?
  • I was about to buy one and was gonna ask if anyone wanted to 'recommend' it to me and claim the voucher but you're all so grumpy I'm not sure it is worth the effort.
  • You can't enjoy the phone until windows 10 is stable and featured!
  • Why? Could MS PLEASE release the 950xl dock that's been sat in back order for ages instead of releasing ANOTHER phone?  Priorities all wrong.
  • Nope. Thanks. I will let them decide after I influenced a lot of people three years ago to buy a Windows Phone. Not anymore.
  • Same here
  • Lol btw i convinced my gf and my another frnd to buy a windows phone but sadly they chose lumia 640xl n 535 respectively
  • Wow... You're asking for a breakup
  • maybe better for frenemies... i love my windows phone, but i know a lot of current android / ios people who would hate it
  • I'm surprised ^^ you ^^ miserable lot have friends, the amount of time and whining on here ;)
  • You're whining about people whining. I'm merely stating the obvious. These are facts.
  • The gift card probably only has an expiry of 30 days from date of claim.
    I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a win phone, that has win10 installed. If it was 8.1, Then I,d tell them to get the 640lte. Its a fantastic phone for £100
  • How to lose a friend in 1 easy step..... :)
  • IMHO I think that Microsoft should fire their marketing team instead of people who actually could help them grow! Who TF thinks up this ****!
  • Perhaps, Microsoft should just shave £50 or more off the price of the phones to give others incentive to buy them.
  • Lol bl**dy Microsoft, its impossible job... Now you fu**Ing Microsoft came up with this third class idea.. So that people at least talk about the windows phone... You fu**Ing Microsoft.....
  • I'd rather convince my enemies to get a 950.
  • Since this is a fan phone, it's hard to convince a friend, to be a fan of windows phone nowadays if a friend has to give up apps plus Microsoft has better Microsoft apps on iPhone.
  • Maybe this would have been a nice promo two years ago, when WP8/8.1 was reliable and stable, but why on Earth would you foist anyone that you care about with a device running an alpha-level OS? They'll rightfully end up chucking the thing at you.   You'll forever be introduced at parties as, '*This* is the guy I told you about: he convinced me to buy this POS Lumia 950!'  (Rounds of laughter commence).
  • Hahah please no! They would hate it! Why buy a phone that is buggy,laggy with 3 apps in the store
  • I don't know, maybe someone out there likes to suffer while she/he is wasting money.
  • If I "convince" my "friend" by buying the phone for him and "gifting" him £100 for the inconvenience of using an app-less phone, will MS refund me the cash AND give me £50 for my troubles?  
  • How to lose a friend in a simple step
  • 950 be a but of a struggle, have personally convinced people I know to get a 920 a 735 a 710 a 535 2 435s a 520 and I personally have bought and 800 a 920 and a 930. So a fair bit of business brought microsofts way
  • Considering I've done this already it's a little bit annoying.
  • If I can convince someone I should get a 950 too...maybe I'll snapchat them...oh!! no, I can't.....or skype them, na!!, there all on facetime.....jeez !! even the wife's upgraded to a 6S EDGE....said she's waited far too long for a high end handset on WIN10, had a HTC 8X since it's UK release....
  • Just before they end the Lumia line. Wonderful. Microsoft should be convincing us.
  • Just got my phone back from repair and this is on my lumia offers.. If anyone wants to pm me and send me a recommendation we can both get £50..
  • This one woke the trolls.... So much comedy value.
  • Not sure how to convince people to get a WP when MS priority is iOS and Android.
  • Is this real or joke?
  • with a price tag to go with that budget looking phone most people wouldnt buy it even with a 200 dollar rebate, the phone might be high spec but it really does look like a very low budget looking phone. Ms should quickly remove the 950 and 950 xl externals and stick them some how into the 650 body casue thats the look it should have been, hell the half the price 650 should have goten the plastic body.  Pemium means premium.
  • Who has a 950xl and is in the UK and wants to earn £50 message me :P
  • Did you get anyone? I'm totally willing!
  • Hey did they reply, I wouldn't mind redeeming this....
  • I have a 950XL and I am in the UK, I wouldn't mind doing this with someone who is also from the UK????
  • Anybody want to redeem this with me? send us a message UK people!