Universal VLC app is back on Windows 10 Mobile with slew of fixes in tow

The universal VLC app for Windows 10 has picked up a fresh set of fixes in its latest update, improving HD playback and heralding the app's return to Windows 10 Mobile. The update largely contains fixes across the board, including with the UI, that should make the app smoother overall.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new and fixed:

  • Fix a potential deadlock when dismissing a dialog
  • Fix camera roll appearing in the regular video collection
  • Fix systematic black screen after a full playback
  • Fix SD card discovery on Windows Mobile
  • Fix potential crash when switching between audio collection tabs
  • Fix potential thumbnailer deadlock
  • Fix media library re-indexing
  • Fix wrong thumbnail being displayed in SMTC
  • Fix potential crash when browsing folders
  • Fix potential deadlock when discovering media
  • Use the correct swapchain resolution
  • Add support for encrypted password store
  • Improve dialog navigation on Xbox1
  • Various WM10 UI fixes
  • Add previous/next buttons for video playback
  • Fix duplicated network shares display
  • Various command bar improvements
  • Improve hardware decoding support
  • Allow audio items deletion
  • New subtitle rendering engine with font fallback
  • Major playlist & playback code rewrite

If you're concerned with version numbers, this update ticks the app up to version 2.2.0. Keep in mind that a number of people (included ourselves) have experience the app crashing immediately following the update. However, the fix seems to lie in uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which should clear things up.

In any case, be sure to grab the latest update to VLC from the Windows Store and let us know in the comments what you think!

Download VLC from the Windows Store


Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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