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Unless you're in China, you'll have to wait for Dell's new G15 gaming laptop

Dell G15 Gaming Back
Dell G15 Gaming Back (Image credit: Dell)

What you need to know

  • Dell just launched the G15 gaming laptop.
  • The laptop will be available in China before it rolls out to other regions in April.
  • The G15 gaming laptop has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000-series graphics.

Dell just launched the G15 gaming laptop. The laptop will be available first in China and will roll out to other regions starting in April (via The Verge). The laptop runs on NVIDIA RTX 3000-series graphics and has a refresh rate of up to 360Hz. It looks like an early contender to make our list of the best gaming laptops.

The G15 gaming laptop has several color options, including a unique paint job. We mean paint job literally, as two of the colors show speckles in their design. The laptop uses "low-VOC waterborne paint for a durable and environmentally conscious design," according to Dell. The G15 gaming laptop will be available in Spector Green with Speckles, Phantom Grey with Speckles, Dark Shadow Grey, and Obsidian Black.

While we don't know the full spec sheet of the laptop yet, we know that it will run on NVIDIA RTX 3000-series graphics. It will also have "three performance options ranging up to 115W of TDP," according to Dell. It also has a redesigned thermal system to help keep it cool.

As the name suggests, the G15 has a 15.6-inch display which has a refresh rate of up to 360Hz.

The laptop features an optional 4-zone RGB keyboard that works with Alien FX software.

The G15 is available in China starting today but won't launch in other parts of the world until sometime in April, though we don't have a confirmed date at this point. Dell also has not shared pricing at this time.

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  • As history has shown any gaming product with the name Dell on it will have some dumbfounded decisions and shady cuts to technology. Wait until independent reviews come out and we see. I can say with an almost certainty that the 3000 series GPU unit will be some hamstring cut version that does not compete with the competition in the same price bracket. It will likely have single channel RAM (even if they advertise dual channel). The processor will probably be thermally throttled perpetually as well. Never buy gaming products with a Dell name on it.
  • You do realize Alienware = Dell?
  • Of course I do. But Alienware is its own division and still holds some respect to its builds, part selection, and performance.
    Dell does not when it comes to gaming devices. You can find plenty of youtube videos by reviewers out there who have gotten shafted by Dell.
    Getting sub par power supplies, single channel RAM when ordered dual channel, terrible cooling solutions, etc....
  • I use Dell since the company was founded. Never had any issue you are referring to. The new gaming laptop is an Alienware with a Dell logo assembled on the same single production line using the same internal components.
  • I'm curious but I had last years G15 with an i7, 16gb of ram and a 2070. When playing a game you could fry an egg on the keyboard. The thermals were horrid. I ended up returning it a week later.