Unlocked Black Lumia 920 now available to pre-order on eBay. Shipping end of October?

The Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone is available to pre-order on eBay from highly recommended user never-msrp (99.5%). The listing is for the matte-black version and is set at $899.99 with a release date of "end of October", though the specified shipping date is October 1-15.

The eBay listing

The unlocked Lumia 920 will work on any GSM network worldwide with a Micro SIM, and while we cannot vouch for the eBay seller (we can't take any responsibility should you place an order), it appears to be the real deal with a realistic expected shipping date, even if that may seem a bit early.

We recently reported on Nokia unveiling launch dates and prices that roughly match this listing, but expect the release date to possible be pushed back by a number of days.

Source: eBay (opens in new tab); Thanks, Mustafa Taleb, for the tip

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  • 899.99 wow
  • More like insane.
  • Somehow more expensive than my i5 Dell laptop...
  • I don't care what the price is, is this going to work on Telus 3G+ and LTE Network?
    I want the white one factory unlocked, my Lumia 800 is just AMAZING and I want to replace it with the Lumia 920! :)
  • Yes it will.
  • will it work on TMO?
  • yes once they finish there network reframe
  • Can you expand on this?
    Does this mean right now it'll be a 2.5 G device (EDGE) but will get LTE when T-Mobile turns it on?  Or will it be 3G but not 4G?  Or something else?  I'd really love to get a 920 on T-Mobile USA, but it'd suck to not at least have full 3G.
    If you could clear this up a little I'd be very grateful.  Thanks!
  • Expensive indeed. But what I'm failing to understand is why everybody has a "expected" date but yet no official companies want to release that information.What's the secret?
  • Wow I wonder if this has anything to do with the october 4th announcement.
  • What is the October 4th announcement?  I haven't seen any news about this -- can you post a link?
  • Goddamn, I didn't even pay that much for my new computer.
  • Yeah the Surface RT will be alot cheaper than that... but if you think about it, the Lumia 920, with all it specs, beats the Surface RT and is smaller, that's why smartphones are quite expensive I think...
    The iPhone5 is more expensive than the iPad3...
  • What computer u get
  • I got Lenovo v570
  • LOL
  • Do you think she will buy one?                             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMsLArefSOw&feature=player_embedded
  • lol... seriously I'm a huge MS fanboy, I'm a business analyst for Dynamics products, but even me, I have a hard time believing this girl is real. I'm sure it's fake.
    EDIT: With all due respect to her, she looks semi-retarded, maybe someone is just using her to keep his spot or something... seriously I feel sad for her :( .
  • Ur link says no video
  • It works...unless your on a wp7 phone. I think its a flash video.
  • Worked on my HD7.
  • Wait, the MetroRadio guy sent this news tip?? :-D
  • Yes :D
  • Often on these things they overshoot the price, then when it's released they reimburse the excess. Could be MSRP, but likely not.
  • My ass, 900 dollars. This thing won't retail for more than 600. Maybe 615.
  • Unlocked... With contract, $200 or less.
  • Yeah, when it's released, I doubt it'll be this high. Amazon will have a better price. Hell I can get a Surface pro tablet for that much loot. But hey, if you got it, got for it. Unfortunately I don't lol.
  • Not sure if anyone else noticed: Operating System: Android
  • This is the same crap that confuses people. When I got my first Windows Phone, the guy that sold it to me had thought it was an android phone when he first got it. It was a Samsung Focus btw.
  • It's a trap!
  • I think I'll pass, and buy from a company with a tad more credibility and realistic pricing.
  • The "Detailed item info" lists the phone as running Android :/
  • I see the guy offers a GeekSquad 2-yr warranty. Is the dude swiping stock from the Bet Buy he works at?
  • I got my White Lumia 900 the same way from ebay. nontheless I don't think I will be doing it again. It comes with this Asian Rom and I don't like it one bit. I don't understand why Nokia just does not sell unlock US version. Its just stupid.
  • Vast majority of the grey market products comes from Asian markets. I wouldn't spend that much money on a grey market L920.
  • +1
  • Apart from the OS being stated as Android, its also says it's storage capacity is 1GB and supports both MicroSD and MicroSDHC. As previously stated, ITS A TRAP!!!!
  • This is a pre-order and will not ship till release. I heard they were going to be around the $599.99 US price range. So, Maybe I should put a order in for 20 of them and put them up on ebay for $900 each...
    Nice profit and I dont have to ship them till release even if delayed...
    Anyway about it, this seems like a rip off, If you dont think so, Why ? ?
  • Omg 899... That's cheap
  • Sarcasm?
  • If anyone really thinks thats going to be the price in the U.S you have to be stupid
  • +1
  • +1
  • I'll wait and buy it from AT&T for around $500, the unlocked ebay price is always $300-$500 more than the phone will actually sell for.....
  • It will be $200 on contract probably. Do u mean mo commitment?
  • yes, buying it without contract. The 900 was only $449, don't expect the 920 to be too much more, but not shocked if it was around $600 no contract.
  • I visited the link and the Operating System says ANDROID. WTF ?? is it Fake.??
  • Apparently people don't read the previous posts. Several people mentioned the OS is stated to be Android. Yes people it is probably fake and the price is way too expensive.
  • The Android part is probably due to ignorance. The price part is simply an attempt to capitialize on the hype behind this thing, before it actually hits the market and drops below even MSRP. There isn't anything even remotely surprising there.
  • Well it certainly isn't going to happen for $900, that's insanity.
    Drop that by at least $300, preferably $400 and then were talkin.
  • The seller's name is never-msrp.  Never MSRP is right - that price is WAY OVER whatever the real price in North America will be when it's officially announced.
    He's also selling an iPhone 5 for $1299. 
  • The seller probably doesn't even know when he'll get it or where he's getting it from..
  • If I were to buy a factory unlocked Lumia, what specs would it need to work on Sprint's network?
  • an act of god. 
    you would need some kind of mythical CDMA version, and not a verizon compatible one. for the time being, it looks like if you want windows phone, you need to drop sprint.
  • He clearly lists in the auction, Not for Verizon or Sprint networks...
    Even if it had CDMA support for Verizon, Sprint would not activate it anyway.
    If your looking to get Windows Phone 8 on the Sprint network, I would not hold your breath...it might be time to look for a new carrer...
  • I clearly never said I was trying to buy the phone on this listing either did I?
    I am asking because I love my plan with Sprint, and am trying to find some way to get my hands on an unlocked Lumia 920 so I wouldnt have to drop. So I am trying to weigh my options before the Lumia drops and avaialbility for unlocked versions opens up.
    Thanks for your help though, gonna start researching ATT&T and Verizon plans.
  • Nice, quite step! Still it's better than the L800 deal at the MS store...
  • It is this kind of early garbage that is going to drive people away from a WP, IMHO.
  • Want the phone badly, but I wont pay near $900 for it. And I dont think many others would either. Ill hold back harshness until its confirmed what the price is.  Not good to have the flagship phone priced that high if true.
  • If we consider the price for a Lumia 900...as much as i want a Lumia 920, i cant justify paying that much for it. 
    And then factor in the speculated costs for a windows 8 tablet/hyrbrid pro version and you are looking at almost $ 2000?
    I really hope MS and friends give us unlocked/no comittment buyers a good deal.
  • It's coming Oct. 29th!