Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone is available to pre-order on eBay from highly recommended user never-msrp (99.5%). The listing is for the matte-black version and is set at $899.99 with a release date of "end of October", though the specified shipping date is October 1-15.


The eBay listing

The unlocked Lumia 920 will work on any GSM network worldwide with a Micro SIM, and while we cannot vouch for the eBay seller (we can't take any responsibility should you place an order), it appears to be the real deal with a realistic expected shipping date, even if that may seem a bit early.

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We recently reported on Nokia unveiling launch dates and prices that roughly match this listing, but expect the release date to possible be pushed back by a number of days.

Source: eBay; Thanks, Mustafa Taleb, for the tip