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If you have an unlocked/non-branded HTC Titan, you'll want to go plug her into your Zune Desktop software as HTC has begun pushing out what looks to be a minor software update to the massive device.

This is not an OS update, so you'll see be rocking 8107, but you'll get a new firmware, bootloader and radio software. Here are the new version numbers:

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  • Firmware - 1600.2200.20501.401 (New)
  • Bootloader is  - 2.5.160015.3(137079) (New)
  • Radio software - (New)

Like we said, this may be some subtle fixes here and there and we're not expecting any new features, but if you think you find any, let us know.

Update: Those with AT&T Titans, don't bother as no, this does not apply for your device.

Thanks, Jose S. and Oscar for the tips!