We showed you last week a 3rd party Klout app for Windows Phone that would make an excellent official version, in our opinion. That app is now available for free in the Marketplace for download.

Klout (see site), as you may or may not know, is a new service that estimates your level of influence on others via social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Depending on how many people follow you, re-Tweet what you say or who you interact with influences your score. In turn, having a high score can open the door to "perks" which are basically methods of promotion. One of those perks we saw late last year was giving away 500 Windows Phones, so sometimes it is worth it.

The 3rd party Klout app by Julien Dollon though is an excellent program for the service and Windows Phone in general. Pick it up here in the Marketplace. Thanks, @N4vX, for the tip!

QR: Klout App