Unofficial Xperia Panel Creation Tool

It's not especially easy or especially pretty, but my sony ericsson has released an unofficial web app for creating your own Xperia X1 panels. The basic idea is pretty simple -- code up your own HTML files and a few thumbnail screenshots (for the panel browser), upload the files, and then download the panel they conveniently create from all that.

Sure, they're not going to be as powerful as C++ panels, but hey, you don't have to learn C++ to create them. You can even create links in your html file to applications and folders on the Xperia, so you can roll your own quick-start panel as a nice start if you like. Be aware that there are some pretty tight constrictions on what you can do (hint: it has to be supported by Pocket IE 5).

While you're setting up your custom HTML-based panel, we'll be over here wondering if alternate today screen platforms/standards are good for Windows Mobile as a whole. Panels, TouchFlo 3D, TouchWiz... they're all very pretty, but they're all also very proprietary. Do you care? Should you?

WC Staff