Groove Music

Groove Music may be getting some improvements in the near future for the Windows 10 PC desktop users. A new report claims that there will be improvements for mouse support along with other additions.

Groove Music

WinBeta reports:

A lot of the improvements being made to the Groove Music app improve the experience for mouse users considerably. When hovering over albums or artists, a hover menu will appear allowing you to immediately play all the songs in that album or created by that artist. When hovering over individual songs, a select box appears for easy multi-selecting songs.

Another new feature in the works, according to the report, is gapless playback on the desktop, which was added a few months ago to the Windows 10 Mobile version of Groove Music. It adds:

Playlists now show up in their own galleries, and Microsoft has done work server-side to improve sync times when syncing new music to and from devices. Finally, Microsoft is making it easy to reset your Groove account by adding a reset option in the settings area, which deletes all your content from your Groove account allowing you to start afresh.

We may see these new features in action later this week at Microsoft's Build 2016 news conference.