Update: Mango does support IPv6

A few days ago, it was rumored that IPv6 (see Wikipedia), the upcoming network protocol was currently not supported in Windows Phone 7.0 (evidently started because our browser cannot connect to a IPv6 website).

Fast forward today and now there's information through Microsoft that suggests that this is "fixed" in WP7 Mango. If you head to MSDN (opens in new tab), you'll see listed under 'Fields' what appears to be full-support for IPv6 on board in OS v7.1 aka Mango.

What that all means of course is there's nothing to see here, don't worry, our new OS does not have an Achilles heel when it comes to web-browsing--assuming nothing major happens in the next 6 months.

Source: MSDN (opens in new tab); via Plaffo

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is good news. It will help to ensure the adoption of the system by enterprises. Once they add full device encryption, I think most if not all of the business concerns will go away.
  • You like making safe bets eh?
  • No its just that I'm rolling out IPV6 support in our network re-architecture in which I'm planning on having full support for Lync, Exchange, AD, 5 campuses, Gigabit WAN/I2/Lambda Rail Access, and a number of other services over IPV6. Its nice to know that I can push our organization to support WP7 as well. We have over 300 Servers, 250 VMs (both VMWare and HyperV), 5000 Clients, mostly Windows 7 pc, but macs and SLES as well. I fully expected that WP7 would support it, but its nice to know that it is supported.
  • The conversion to IPv6 will take as long as Flash to HTML5. Nothing to worry about.