Update: Mogul ROM Update to be Released Oct 22nd?

It is now being rumored from DaSuper, a Sprint employee, over at The Buzz that Sprint will be releasing it’s first major ROM upgrade for the Mogul this month (one that does more than just add a music store) that will hopefully address the serious Bluetooth issues that have plagued the Mogul since it’s release.

Can it be true? Is the anticipated major ROM update for the Sprint Mogul (aka PPC-6800) really coming out before the end of this month (Oct 22nd to be exact)? If you are still waiting for Sprint’s promised ROM update for the PPC-6600 from over 2 years ago, then I understand if you have your fair share of doubts.  This was originally rumored to release by the end of last month, so only time will tell. 

There is a lot of hope these Bluetooth bugs will be fixed (if the ROM is truly released) as the port of Alltel PPC-6800 ROM seems to fix the Bluetooth issues all of us Mogul users face every day.   Is this going to history repeating itself with continual unfulfilled promises from Sprint for ROM updates or is DaSuper really onto the scoop of the year for everyone who owns a Mogul?

I've just confirmed that The ROM Update which addresses Bluetooth issues should be posted by 10/22 at [HTC's Mogul Update site]? The first update is currently posted on this website (Version 2.09.651.3_1.32.00), so in order to minimize confusion, users should not go to download the ROM Update until 10/22 or after.[source]

To keep up to date if Sprint really follows through this time, keep an eye on the Mogul ROM Update Watch! in the discussion forums!

Update (from Dieter): DrDoom reports that folks "in the know" are saying that January or February is a more likely date. Bummer, that. *However*, said sources are also making vague rumblings about GPS (or maybe it's aGPS/gpsOne) being switched on for the Mogul, which we've reported on before and are thoroughly confused about. I Can Has GPS?

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