Update Roundup: Flixster gets UltraViolet streaming on Windows Phone, Subway Surfers, Nokia Creative Studio, Play To

Another morning and another crop of app updates.

This morning we only have four (so far), but we’re sure that will change as the day goes on. Let’s get these four out of the way, since they’re some pretty big apps or games for your Windows Phone, including Flixster finally (finally!) getting UltraViolet support for Windows Phone 8.

Flixster Windows Phone 8 app gets UltraViolet streaming!

This isn’t an app update, so much as an in-app new feature. We’re receiving numerous reports that the Flixster app for Windows Phone 8 now allows you to view and stream your Ultraviolet collection.

What’s UltraViolet? It’s a digital rights authentication (DRA) system for watching digital movies basically anywhere. Think of it as a “buy once, play anywhere” system.

Ever since Windows Phone had the Flixster update, users have been clamoring for UltraViolet. Because once you get a digital copy of the movie, in theory you could watch it on your computer, your iPhone, iPad and more. Just not your Windows Phone.

Indeed, going to Flixster.com and logging into our account, we got a free digital copy of the movie Matchstick Men (good movie, too!). After we launched our Windows Phone 8 Flixster app and jumped into My Movies > I Own, that movie was now sitting there, ready to play.

Some have compared this new feature to getting the Xbox Video app yesterday, and we have to agree.

So if you have a Flixster account with some UltraViolet content, fire up your app and go to your collection. No app update required. (If you do need Flixster, you can grab this link here).

Subway Surfers

Bumped from its 1.16 launch version, this is just a minor update to the super popular endless runner. Unfortunately, no changelog is present, though we’ll get this out of the way, it’s not a fix to add 512 MB support. That update probably won’t be for a few weeks, so you have time yet.

Instead, if we had to venture a guess, we would imagine this address some Facebook login issues. Many complaints rolled in from some of you that you the Facebook integration was not up to snuff, if there was ever a need for a quick update, which would be it. Facebook integration after all lets you connect to friends and share your scores, so it’s a big deal in this game. Let us know below if that gets fixed or you notice any other changes.

Pick up Subway Surfers here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only with 1 GB of RAM.

Nokia Creative Studio

You have to give Nokia credit here: Creative Studio is a fine photo editor. Besides just your usual crops and fixes, you can do unique things like ‘color pop’, collages and blurred backgrounds. It’s a fun app that shows off Nokia’s developer capabilities, so if you have a Lumia, it’s a must have app in our opinion.

The last update for Creative Studio was way back in September. Today’s update bumps it to version and contains no new features. That’s a bit of a bummer as we’d like to see this app grow a bit more. So what do you get?

  • “General stability improvements and storage related enhancements.”

But wait, that’s the same changelog from last time, meaning either Nokia is repeating themselves or this is a real small change. Considering this is a change in version numbers, we’re going with the latter.

Pick up Creative Studio here in the Store. Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia’s only.

QR: creative studio

Nokia Play To (general release)

Nokia recently released a Play To beta for Lumia 1520 owners. That enabled the DLNA streaming app to work on that new device and even interact with the Xbox One. Today’s update though is for the general version, read “all other Lumias”.

Version is now live in the Store, with the previous version being (way back in June!). So what do you get with this update?

  • “This latest version includes improved Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring it continues working with future devices and firmware updates.”

That sounds like code-talk for this is ‘Lumia Black’ ready. Lumia Black is a forthcoming firmware update that will roll out with Update 3 OS change in early 2014. Nokia is evidently laying the groundwork for that improved Lumia experience by making sure their Play To app works. Sounds good to us.

Pick up Nokia Play To version here in the Nokia Collection.

QR: Play To

Thanks, Robin V., Steve M., Akash P., and Tomi V., for the tips!

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