The HP Reverb G2 VR and Windows Mixed Reality system was first released in 2020, with a second updated model hitting markets much more recently in 2021. The first effort was enough to garner a Windows Central Recommended Award, all thanks to its impressive visual fidelity, robust audio system, and comfortable fit. The main drawbacks were the inside-out tracking sometimes losing the controllers, as well as the controllers themselves. Compared to more expensive VR systems — like the Valve Index — the lack of touch-capacitive sensors was a letdown. No giving thumbs-up to your pals in a virtual world.

HP went ahead and made a few changes to the headset for 2021 at no extra cost. While the controllers themselves didn't see any improvement, tracking was improved, especially when holding the controllers below the waist. The Reverb G2-V2 (as I took to calling it) also received a new face gasket that allows for a much closer eye relief, improving the headset's field of view. A new cable designed to play much better with AMD systems is now included, and a new link box on the cable has a power button.

I recently updated my HP Reverb G2 review to include my testing of the refreshed headset, noting that the price had actually come down since the original release despite the updates. Now, with Black Friday savings at HP, the price is even lower. You can currently pick up the Reverb G2-V2 for $399 at HP. The HP website is showing that to be a savings of $200, but that's only if you compare it to the original price. Still, $100 off is nothing to ignore if you're looking to get into PC-based VR.

Since it's so difficult to tell the Reverb G2-V1 and G2-V2 apart without having them in your hands, buying from the official HP website seems like a good bet. The product description includes the updated model's features, so you shouldn't be stuck with the old model.

HP Reverb G2

HP Reverb G2 (2021 model) | $200 off

The refreshed 2021 HP Reverb G2 builds on the original model, delivering better controller tracking, a new cable with updated link box, and a new face gasket for closer eye relief and a better FOV. This is a great way to step into high-end VR and WMR without spending Valve Index prices.

$399 at HP

This is a PC-based VR system, so you will want to check out the best pre-built gaming PC deals if you're not running a system that can handle modern gaming.

Check out how the Reverb G2 compares to other top VR systems on the market.

Category HP Reverb G2 (V1 & V2) HP Reverb Valve Index HTC Vive Cosmos
Display Dual 2.89-inch LCD Dual 2.89-inch LCD Dual LCD Dual 3.4-inch LCD
Resolution 2160x2160 per eye
4320x2160 combined
2160x2160 per eye
4320x2160 combined
1440x1600 per eye
2880x1600 combined
1440x1700 per eye
2880x1700 combined
IPD Manual Software Manual Manual
Refresh rate 90Hz 90Hz Up to 144Hz 90Hz
Tracking Internal
Four cameras
Two cameras
Lighthouse 2.0
Six cameras
Connection Wired Wired Wired Wired | Wired
Weight 1.1 pounds (0.5kg) 1.1 pounds (0.5kg) 1.79 pounds (0.82kg) 1.5 pounds (0.67kg)

If you're interested in trying out VR but don't want to drop about considerably more money on a Valve Index or get involved with the Facebook/Meta-Whatever-Quest 2 fiasco, the Reverb G2 is a great option available at a great price.

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