U.S. Postal Service launches Windows 10 PC and Mobile package tracking app

The U.S. Postal Service has launched My USPS, a package tracking app for Windows 10 on both PC and Mobile.

Here's a quick look at its features:

  • Verify your identity to ensure the security and privacy of your account.
  • Schedule email and/or text-based alerts to track the delivery status of your packages.
  • Easily view all your incoming packages before they arrive at your home.
  • Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your mobile device's camera. The app recognizes the shipment and will allow you to store the label number, so you can stay on top of its status.
  • View pictures of incoming mail via the Informed Delivery dashboard (where applicable)

Download My USPS from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


John Callaham
  • YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! my family always buys/sells stuff online so this is awesome to have!
  • P.S. ugh, web wrapper. I noticed right when I opened the app and the text is ridiculously gigantic (exactly like how it is in Microsoft Edge for me).
  • If this app doesn't do it for you, give Package Tracker a try. Or enter the number into Cortana and she'll track it for you. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Been using Package Tracker long time-great app.
  • Yep I use it too, excellent app
  • I've been using Package Tracker since it's inception. Excellent app, and continuously supported. It has options for every shipper I use.
  • Package Tracker is GOAT been using it since... not sure if WP8.0 or 7.8. Ahh..
  • So. Not all applications have to be native to be useful. That's the premise behind the Cloud and Microsoft's application models.
  • Stop living in the past. We're in a modern era of application delivery
  • So what! It works fine and every time someone makes an app we get on step closer to more people making apps. This is a good thing... Bank of America, USPS, Wells Fargo... Comon CHASE!
  • I agree.  Horrible looking app - text overwriting itself all over the place, and boy is it fast - not really. 
  • For all the doom and gloom about Windows, seems like a lot of announcements fo new UWP apps from major companies.  We are still on life support but not dead yet.
  • Its a web wrapper though. 
  • So what? I've been using the mobile version of MyUSPS for a long time now. Works great on W10M on Edge. Gives me features the regular web site doesn't, and this "web wrapper" adds the additional feature of scanning bar codes, which wasn't an option in the mobile web site. Web Wrapper or not, it uses some better features than the web site, so it's great to have, period.
  • Great, I can track packages we ship from and receive at work.
  • Cue the It's raining apps comments in 3, 2, 1...
  • It's raining apps... Hallelujah!
  • Good to see some love from USPS, but I still think the best tracking app on Windows is Package Tracker (mainly because it works with more shipping companies then any other... Lasership hasn't worked since LS changed their site design, but I'm hoping that the developer fixes that soon, since Amazon uses LS for same-day shipping)
  • Package tracker ftw. Tracks everything
  • That. Been using Package Tracker for a few years now and absolute love it.
  • Yeah I love Package Tracker..no need for USPS app atleast for me!!!
  • Love that app. Great to see the support but Package Tracker all the way for me.
  • I just use Cortana
  • Unfortunately, Package Tracker seems to have been abandoned and no longer get support. I won't pay for the app when the developer is not going to fix any of the problems it is reportedly having, like periodically kicking you back to trial version, numerous carriers no longer working, etc. There's been no support for at least a year now from what I've been reading on it. For me, Cortana usually tells me when I've got a package coming by scanning my emails. She then offers to track it, and I get all the updates more easily than any app. If I don't get an email for a package, I can enter it into Cortana manually and it will be tracked, and I don't have to select a carrier before entering a tracking number like you do with Package Tracker.
  • This is a welcomed addition to the list of Universal apps, but I'm not sure if there is a benefit to me using it instead of the tracking apps that deal with all major delivery services.
  • Wow. Maybe there is some hope. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is hope in windows 10 mobile
  • Holy cow! That's cool...now no need to share tracking numbers to third party apps... Although third party apps have been great help during past years!
  • as a usps mail carrier, that's damn awesome....
  • I use the Microsoft package tracker but I am very happy to see the USPS coming onboard with a new app! Awesome.
  • No real app is going to be 0.2MB. It's just a web wrapper. Would have been great if the article pointed that out.
  • What does it matter though? If it were an inefficient, clunky mess becuase of that, maybe it's worth mentioning. Otherwise, it's there to do the same job as a native app, and that's just fine.
  • I'm sorry, but this does not qualify as an "app". There is no distinguishing factor between this an the mobile website in terms of ease of use. Compare this to what's available on other platforms.
  • "There is no distinguishing factor between this an the mobile website in terms of ease of use." That's not the point. It's that now, if someone says, "does W10M have THIS app?" You can say that it does. Most people know nothing about an app vs. a web wrapper, which works to Microsoft's benefit, in this case. No one's saying this app is fabulous or ideal, but it gets an important thing done--puts another major brand in the Windows Store.
  • So you're happy this 'app' is here so you can say windows phone has it?  Thats a horrible reason.  The 'app' isn't even an app - hell I could've written this in less than a day.
  • This ignores the whole reason the Westminster Bridge exists. A well built web app can still work just as well. Plus, it does store data and therefore is more than just the website. Utilizing a web interface doesn't necessarily make it bad.
  • I don't leave in USA so I'll not be using this app, but I'm happy for the ones who need it :)
  • The most complex password requirement of all my apps..
  • Cortana tracks that for me already... :) but still good to see more apps coming to the platform.
  • Given how broke the government is, I wonder how they afforded to fund the development of this thing, haha. Always nice to see more services showing up on the platform. Thanks to USPS and Expedia, along with the upcoming Wells-Fargo release. Still waiting on US Bank, Trillian, and MLB.TV.
  • The USPS is the only part of government actually allowed to make money off its services. I imagine some of that money got put into making the app. And as others mentioned, it's just a web wrapper, so it's not super expensive to develop it.
  • But it doesn't. I just did a really qucik search, and the first thing I found said that in 2014, the USPS lost $2 billion, and that they could fall short in paying into their retiree fund (or something similar, I closed the article).
  • Very cool! I need to try this package tracker app everyone is talking about.
  • It's great. Only tracking app I've used on Windows. It's also universal and can be installed on home computer. Syncs nicely with PC Windows 10.
  • Yes http://www.winbeta.org/news/windows-phone-market-share-continues-plummet...
  • Looking forward to this, but off topic, does anyone know what happened to Delivery Beta? Won't work on mobile anymore and I liked the way I could look up my deliveries on any of my machines pr phones
  • Nice, downloading now
  • I have to login everytime ??? uninstalled.
  • Gotta keep losing money.
  • Why would you get us all excited about a webwrapper?
  • It's still slightly more than a web wrapper. It's just a very light app that accesses a web service. It can still run in the background, provide notifications, and do things for you that a normal website could not do. According to the description, it even interacts with Cortana. I see nothing wrong with the concept of a web wrapper as long as its done well. Code re-use is powerful if done well.
  • Have you actually run the app and looked at it?  Looks like a high school project, actually looks like an elemntry school project.
  • Nice, my Mom is a mail carrier. USPS has an insane amount of employees #FunFact Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • I don't see the use of this app, you would think they would add post and shipping to buy along with pickups. I would say it's useless but people are still lazy and need to scan stuff!