Valve's Steam Survey shows that Windows 7 remains the most popular gaming operating system

If you belong to the “PC Master Race” (see meme) when it comes to gaming, then there is a good chance you are still running Windows 7 instead of Microsoft’s latest operating system. For those of you who love both PC gaming and Windows 8 – you will be interested to know that Steam usage data for the past month shows almost a fifth of those utilizing the Steam client are now using the new O.S.

Valve’s Steam Hardware and Software Survey for November shows that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users total a combination of 18.45%, which is down slightly from the previous month's 18.69%. Of course with such a slight change, differences in responses or other statistical anomalies could throw that off making the number virtually unchanged. 

Windows 7 holds a strong 51.76% percent and the remaining approximate 30% of users are using a combination of Vista, Linux (Ubuntu, Mint), and Mac OS X.

Are you part of the “PC Master Race” – what Windows O.S. do you game with?

Source: Steam; via WinBeta

Michael Archambault