Today, the developer invited gamers into their studio for a deeper look into the creative process behind the game and its complex characters. In the first episode of this weekly four-part series, Dontnod Entertainment unveiled exclusive gameplay footage and the reasons why the protagonist is also a predator.

Episode 1: Making Monsters provides more information about Jonathan Reid, the vampire who players control in Vampyr. According to the developer, Reid's condition unearths a dark new reality, thrusting him into a once-hidden society of cursed creatures like himself. Terrifying beings like the ancient Ekons plot from the shadows, while the heinous Vulkods prowl the streets at night. That's not all though. The grotesque Skals hide in the darkest places of the city waiting for victims. These are just some of the challenges gamers can expect to face in this seemingly complex experience.

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Vampyr is set in Britain during the lethal 1918 Spanish flu which devastated Europe. In a completely disorganized and ghostly city, those who are unlucky enough to walk the streets at night become prey to vampires. You step into the shoes of a doctor who has recently turned into a vampire. Vampyr is as much about staying alive by hunting as it is about understanding your new affliction. It's definitely a new take on the genre because your ultimate goal appears to be stopping the irrepressible thirst that constantly drives you to kill.

Vampyr is set to release in Spring 2018 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Be sure to preorder the game if you're interested in the title.

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